Tuesday, July 22, 2014

summer daze

Summertime is slipping by.  I keep getting e-mails about the start of school for me, the start of school for Meego... 

Our ducks are in their rows for the most part, I assume that Wolfgang's and Chaco's are too.  That's what they tell me anyways.

In the meantime, I've got my handful of tutees to keep my brain from turning totally to mush, but I've been enjoying the slower summer pace.  Yesterday afternoon, after my morning's tuting, Meego was hanging out on the futon.

"We should go to Lulu's", he mumbled from behind his tablet

"K", I sleepily responded from behind my book.

Lulu's is a create-your-own frozen yogurt place, just a pleasant bike ride away.  With the lure of a cold treat on a hot day, we managed to unfurl ourselves from our respective lounge positions.

It was a nice day for it - a bit on the hot side, but certainly bearable.  At one point, I sprayed Meego with my water bottle, too cool him mid-ride.

"No, we need to be all hot and miserable when we get there.  It'll make the yogurt taste better".

Ah, my young grasshopper has come to embrace some of my teachings!  If only I could get the same agreement for picking up his room...

And it worked.  The cold yogurt was yummy in the shady parlour. 

Here's Meego enjoying our respite.

Refreshed, we took a different, longer route back home.  We stopped to cool our tootsies in the stream near our house.  That portion of the bike path was closed due to the bridge being washed out a couple of weeks ago during that storm that the cat spent in the laundry basket

We figured the "Trail Closed" sign was just a CYA for the city parks and rec, and went down to the stream.  Someone had thrown a plank across where the bridge used to be, so I know we weren't the only trespassers.

Plus, we were hot and approaching miserable, so cooling the tootsies was a priority.  When we discovered how deep the pool was,we couldn't stop at just our tootsies.

We didn't go upstream to investigate Meego Falls - so named as I'm sure that Meego and I were the first to discover them a couple of years ago.  Meego Falls are more remote, and we had our bikes to schlep around, so we just hung out at the not-bridge until sufficiently cooled.

Tarzan / Jane time over, it was back to civilization.

A day to remember and refer to during the next blizzard.



terri said...

Don't say it! Summer is NOT slipping by! Winter just left, remember? No, summer is here for a while. (Somebody stop the clock, please!)

Love how Meego wanted to really immerse himself in the suffering so as to fully enjoy his cold treat. Smart kid! The pool looks like a pretty cool, fun reward for the bike ride too. Good times!

Riot Kitty said...

Meego's pose is the same as my brother's (hiding.) Why EVER be hot and miserable, however? The yogurt will taste just as good, believe me ;)

Abby said...

Right? Weren't we JUST complaining about snow?? Except you probably had good cause.

Abby said...

Most portrait pics are The Hand these days.
A couple of weeks ago, we were driving to the pool, and I said I was purposely leaving the A/C off so the pool would be that much more refreshing. Apparently, that concept stuck, but I think the yogurt would taste just as good!

Anonymous said...

I can vouch that frozen yogurt is good no matter what the temp may be, but still, it's great that he knows a reward is so much sweeter if it's earned.
Pictures of me include The Hand, so I get it. But I don't understand why my daughter gives me The Hand, but then will take zillions of selfies and post them on FB or snapchat with her friends.
I'm trying my darndest to slow summer down, but somehow it seems to fly by much faster than winter does. Good for you two to take time out to enjoy it!

Ginny said...

Love that picture of the stream. I want to go swimming now. Summer always goes by so fast.

agg79 said...

Ah those sticky, hot days of summer. You'll be missing those warm rides come December. A couple of nice options to cool off from a hot ride - Meego looks quite happy cooling resting his dogs in the stream.

Abby said...

I think this period will go down as the era of selfies or The Hand, not much else.

Abby said...

It was worth having wet shorts on the ride home!

Abby said...

Yes, he was happy enough in the muck to even forgo The Hand!