Sunday, July 20, 2014

Silver Liningness Sunday

Well, first of all...

Happy Birthday to Wolfgang!  Big 19 today. 
He's a bit camera shy, this is about the best I can do.

We spent the day in Denver today, mainly to go to the big bargain computer stuff store.  He asked Magnum and me for cash towards building a new computer, then set about spending all of it.

It was a nice day.  While Wolfgang and Chaco hunted the technology, Magnum, Meego, and I hung out at a nice park across the street to commune with nature.

Speaking of new computers, I'm enjoying my new speedster.  And remember Old Bessie, my ex-computer?  Behold, she's been resurrected!

Her monitor's pretty diminutive next to her superiors, but she's up and feels good.  Chaco says she works fine now.  Even the USB ports that hated me are happy now.  Clearly, it was time for a fresh start.  I wish her jolly times with Chaco.

 Anyway, in local news, Kevin Bacon has been hanging around, filming a movie or something.  There had been a few KB sightings around, and eventually, he posted this on his fbook.

Was he really going to do the Incline?  Well, it IS the thing to do when in town in summertime, and shortly after, he posted this:

So, he did do it. 

Or did he? 

I mean, if you're going to do a selfie at the Incline, you do a selfie from the TOP, right??  Notice how Kevin Bacon's FACE takes up his post-Incline selfie, and it's pretty clear that he's not at the top.

Naturally, many of us are wondering...

Chaco and Wolfgang saw the controversial post.

Chaco:  Yah, either way, I beat his time! *flex*

Wolfgang:  Pfft, beat the time of, like a 50-something year-old-guy!

Me:  HEY!  I don't care, he's Mr. Footloose!



Riot Kitty said...

Mr. Footloose! Now I don't feel quite so old, if your son gets that reference.

Happy birthday to Wolfgang! Is he practicing to be Lawrence of Arabia?

Anonymous said...

Uh yeah... you can't take a before and after picture at the bottom of the incline and expect people to believe you. Even if you ARE Mr. Footloose. (and shouldn't you be hanging out by the incline for a KB sighting??)
Congrats to Old Bessie on a quick recovery! I'm sure she and Chaco will have great times together. And you seem to have moved on with no regrets. It's all working out!
Speaking of running shooz... (oh, we weren't?) can you tell me everything you know about Saucony? Specifically the Kinvara and the Guide 7. They were recommended to me in the store. Thought maybe someone in your family might know of someone who might know? :)

Abby said...

They pretty much just think that Kevin Bacon is that guy from x-men.
And yes, all Wolfgang needs is a camel! Too bad he didn't ask for one for his birthday.

Abby said...

I keep hoping for a Kevin Bacon brush with greatness, but it hasn't happened. Oh well, I probably know someone who knows someone who knows...

As for the running shooz we WERE surely talking about, I know that one of Wolfgang's runner friends wears Kinvaras and likes them. I think they're known for their roomy toe box :D. Let us know what you decide!

agg79 said...

Hey, I'd cut old Mr Footloose some slack, he probably did look as "photogenic" after he made the climb up. Keep hanging out at the local Starbucks and I am sure you are bound to run across KB at some point (or maybe on of his lackeys). Who knows - maybe they are looking for some locals to play the crowd scenes.

Happy Birthday to Wolfgang. Love the Ninja headgear.

Abby said...

I can be in a crowd! I have no idea what he's filming. That part of his visit is strangely hardly mentioned.

Marcy said...

Hmmm, suspicious... I would tend to give Kevin Bacon the benefit of the doubt, but who knows? Maybe you could tweet him about it and get a reply.

Abby said...

Good idea! I'm sure he'd tweet me right back!

terri said...

I don't know. Doesn't really look like he's at the top to ME. But, you know... He's Kevin Bacon. So he can lie about making it to the top and he'll still be big time, because he's Kevin Bacon. Not that I'm accusing him of lying or anything! (Wouldn't want to put myself on Kevin Bacon's bad side or anything.)

So congratulations to your old computer on her reincarnation. She's looking pretty good in her new life.

And happy birthday to Wolfgang!

ShadowRun300 said...

That's what the girl in the store said. "Very similar to the Pure Flows but a roomier toe box." I bought 'em today. I'm hoping to try them tomorrow.
And please pass along birthday wishes to Wolfgang from the ShadowClan. Sorry I'm a bit belated. I had shooz on my mind! Hopefully he'll understand.

Judy G. said...

You're like a first degree to Kevin Bacon now! WHOO HOO!!! And, I like the gamer pic. My older son is salivating at the multiple screens...ugh.

Abby said...

Nah, I don't think he'd lie either, to be honest. And the computer is humming along nicely. I guess Chaco just needed to change out the hamster and wheel.

Abby said...

I think Chaco's shooting for yet another monitor... What??

Marcy said...

If he tweeted you back, there would be only one degree of separation between me and Kevin Bacon!