Thursday, May 1, 2014


Yesterday morning, I was greeted by this in the back yard:

Yeah, it's snow and it's kinda pretty, but  IT  WAS  MAY  EVE!  Enough with the snow already!  And to my satisfaction, it did melt pretty quickly.

But it was annoyingly windy.  I contemplated taking the metro to class, but decided that would be wimpy and I hopped on Bella and flew to class with a tailwind.  Of course that meant that the ride back home would be a beotch, but oh well.  

I returned to Bella for the windy ride home and was greeted by this, clipped to her:

It's a clothespin adorned with a butterfly that reads "You make each day brighter!"  So I had to snap a pic and share it before paying it forward - to another bicyclist of course!  Thank you, random anonymous butterfly clothespin person!

The day continued into evening and I was at my desk watching PewDiePie doing homework when I heard a bit of cat ruckus in the hallway behind me.  I didn't think much of it, since the cat's a weirdo.  

But then he came into the room all proud-like and sat at my feet...  

and greeted me by commencing to eat the mystery mouse.  

Join me?

So (a)  the mouse has been located and (b) sent on to mouse heaven, and I now realize that (c) it lived among us for nearly two days.

I'd been thinking that Napolion seemed to be acting differently during that time, like his badassness had slipped a bit.  But he seems to be back to his cocky self since this redemption.



Anita said...

Last pic: MAJOR LOL!
You Go, Napolion!

Oh yeah, back to the other stuff: Hope you've seen the last of snow!!! ...until the right season.
Was the ride home a beoth as you predicted?
The clothespin thing is so cool!
So long mouse!

Anita said...

oops, mispelled the b word

agg79 said...

Ah, that settles the mystery guest issue. Way to go, Napolion! You da cat!
Good to see he has redeemed his badass rank. It is kinda creepy to think that your guest has been hanging out enjoying the house for a few days.

Hope the ride home wasn't too much of a beotch. But the clothespin is pretty cool. Would definitely bring a smile to a person.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you for taking Bella despite the weather. Your day might not have been brightened otherwise!
Napolion definitely was trying to show you he still "has it". I suppose that's a good thing?

Abby said...

Yes, the ride home was a b-word, but I had my happy clothespin, so that softened the blow.

Abby said...

Yes, he was so proud of himself, he tried to bring in another party friend. NOT happening! I check at the door now!

Abby said...

That's just what I thought, if I hadn't have ridden to school, my day wouldn't have been so brightened!
Yes, he still "has it", but he was the one who brought the thing in in the first place! Does that count??

Guano said...

Ew. He actually ATE IT? Just to show you he COULD?

Maybe he's saying, "That cat food's CRAP! SEE? I gotta eat THESE things! Please, get the cat food on the COMMERCIALS!"

Or maybe he's flaunting his badassery.

Still, Ew.

Rock Chef said...

Napoleon does look pretty badass - wonder how he and Frou Frou would get on. Like most dogs, she will only chase a cat if it runs...

terri said...

I know that most snow falling in your area tends to leave almost as quickly as it arrives. Still, I can imagine how depressing it was to see that so late in the year!

You are an inspiration, riding Bella in spite of the wind.

I love the clothespin idea! What a GREAT idea! I might want to copy it. (Of course, I have good intentions when it comes to things like this. Follow through is a bit more of a challenge.)

Good to know that Napolion has shown the mouse who's boss once again, in no uncertain terms. I had to laugh, thinking of you going on with your normal lives for a couple of days, knowing there was probably a mouse in residence. In stark contrast, a friend of mine encountered a mouse in her kitchen once while her husband and boys were off on a hunting trip. She immediately grabbed her purse and car keys and spent the rest of the weekend at her mom's house. Didn't even bother to grab a change of clothes, tooth brush, or anything before going!

Abby said...

He's totally rebelling over his "indoor" catfood, which clearly he finds emasculating. So he makes quite the theatrical show of consuming his prey - especially the crunchy head and face. *HURL!*

Abby said...

I dunno. Frou Frou's pretty intimidating, especially at potty time.

Abby said...

HA! As bothered as I was at the thought of having a mouse in the house "somewhere", I'm not moving! (but if my mom lived close by...)

Judy said...


Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew!!!!

Brush that kitty's teeth before he licks anything else!

Riot Kitty said...

Eeeeeewwwwwwwww. Sometimes I think I'd like to come back as one of our cats (in our house, of course), and then I consider the menu.

Awesome about the clothespin though!

Practical Parsimony said...

I would be heaving!