Wednesday, May 14, 2014

boxed in


Me:  Oh {SHOOT!} Don't answer that!

Meego:  What?

Me:  Don't answer that!

Meego:  Why not?

Me:  Don't answer that!

Meego:  Go answer that?

Me:  Don't answer that!

Meego:  Who is it?

Me:  Don't answer that!

Meego:  It's UPS.

Me:  Don't answer that!

Today is Meego's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Meego!  Born Mother's Day of 2000.  So we ordered him a thing, and it was due to be delivered yesterday afternoon.  Meego and I were both at home, but I had to leave to go tute and was hoping that UPS driver would get here so I could intercept the thing.

I had to get ready to go and stepped into the bathroom to do in-the-bathroom things, and of course, that's when Mr. UPS arrives.  Hence the above "conversation", me shouting from the bathroom.

So I made it to the door to intercept the thing, which by then, Meego was on the up and up about.  At least it was in a nondescript brown box, so I took it down to the rec room to help it blend in.

In the meantime, Chaco and Wolfgang are to be out of their dorms by the end of this week, and have brought "a few" of their things to the house already.  So I have plenty of camouflage for Meego's Birthday thing.

Anybody remember where I put it??



LL Cool Joe said...

I have a funny meme about that. It's always the way, you wait all day for a delivery, but as soon as you into the bathroom, to you know, that's the moment they decide to ring on your door bell!

That's a big room!

agg79 said...

It's behind the file cabinet. It is funny on how the delivery people seem to know just exactly the wrong time to knock. At least you got it and didn't have to go down to the UPS station to pick it up. Happy (Belated) Birthday Meego! Hope you enjoy your box!

Rock Chef said...

It's like the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark....

Hope he likes it (assuming you find it again).

Anonymous said...

Great camouflage! That's exactly how we were able to hide the Christmas presents when the kids were younger.
Funny how your house seems to expand during the winter and shrink during the summer. Hopefully your boys have inherited your minimalistic personality and won't have too much to bring home with them....
Wish Meego a belated happy birthday from the Shadowruns, and let us know how he liked his box!

Anita said...

Ohhh!!! What did he get!!!
I love seeing people get special presents that they really like.

Riot Kitty said...

Oh noes! That always happens with surprises...I knew someone who answered the door in a towel after a shower once, and it was teenage Mormon missionaries. They never knocked again.

terri said...

Well, you seem to get a lot of deliveries to your house. Maybe Meego was oblivious to the fact that this one was for him? One can hope!