Wednesday, May 28, 2014

a slip of paper

Yesterday, Chaco, Wolfgang and I got into Ellie Mae to run some errands.  I found a slip of paper in a cup holder.

Me:  Whassat slip of paper?
Chaco:  I dunno, Dad found it and put it there *looks at slip of paper*
Chaco:  Oh, it's the parking tag from when we did The Incline
Me:  Yeah? Hmmm... hey, we should do The Incline again this summer.
Wolfgang:  I wanna do The Incline!
Chaco:  grumble grumble

Me:  Okay, so when should we go?
Wolfgang;  Let's go before work starts, I start week after next.
Chaco:  I start next week... oh, and I gotta do paperwork Thursday and Friday, so...
Me:  So... tomorrow!?

Yesterday, today was tomorrow.

Or... today was tomorrow yesterday.  Or...  whatever!

We did The Incline today.  Whee!  It was actually nice to do it on such a spur of the moment, I didn't have time to let my fear of heights talk me out of it.

Lovely morning, just lovely!

My fearless leaders at the base

We hit the stairs at about 6:45 with a goal of "just keep moving".  To be told, Chaco is our weakest link.  He's backpacked to the top of Pikes Peak - a 13-mile slog - but he claims The Incline is harder.  What?!?

Wolfgang kept to the goal, but I told Chaco he should stop as needed, so he did.  I could've kept with the goal, but thought I should stop with him.  I got antsy on the "trash heap" portion of the trail that gets very steep.  Really, that's my motivation to get to the top - get off the trash heap.

At close to the end of the trash heap portion, I told Chaco I had to keep going, but he should continue at his Grandpa pace.

Wolfgang was first to the top.  Here he is sitting upon his throne.

My big finish, as shot from the throne.

Googled image of the trash heap portion

All in all, it was another fun adventure.  The biggest challenge for me is the acrophobia, but I find The Incline as a good time right in our "backyard".  

Chaco emerges at the "reception area"
See him?  Wolfgang still atop the throne.

Of course it's not a real adventure unless someone gets injured, but that's another story.

Same time next year?  


The city shot a video today of the incline from a drone helicopter.  Pretty cool!
Check it out here [click me]



Marcy said...

Yikes! I remember hearing about that from you once before. I just read about it on Wikipedia. Congratulations to your super-fit family! I was just remembering the spring water at Manitou Springs the other day. It was fun to find them and try them. Nice photos!

Judy said...

Wow, that's awesome - but I'm curious to know who was the injured party???

Abby said...

The springs of Manitou Springs are fun to check out. I mainly remember the worst tasting ones - like drinking from a piggy bank!

Abby said...

It's a strangely fun "hike", and then you must make your way back down.
A hint on the injured party: it's neither me nor Wolfgang. That might narrow it down.

terri said...

You really make me want to find out where my own backyard adventure spots are! Of course, nothing with heights is going to work for me. Your incline is amazing, beautiful.... and way, way, WAY too high for me. I have an insane fear of heights.

Congrats on conquering the challenge (again!)

Abby said...

The height thing is the most daunting part for me, but since I did it once before, I knew better what to expect this time. Just don't look down!

agg79 said...

We've got an old saying down here - it you do it more than twice, it becomes a tradition. Now that you have two under your belt, does that make you an incliner? That looks like this is a good candidate to make into an annual event (like the New Year's midnight run?). A sort of pre summer, post school celebration? I have already put this one on my bucket list - just not sure my knees would let me. How long did it take this year?

Rock Chef said...

Splendid! That is a wonderfully straight path!

Abby said...

Right at 45 mins this time. Considering my time purposely spent hanging with Chaco, I'm quite sure I could make the sub-40 club. Before I was a believer, I used to think it a silly activity - What? Just climb a buncha steps? - but it's a fun, unique experience, worthy of tradition.

Abby said...

Yes it is! I thought the drone cam captured it nicely.

Rebecca S. said...

We have an Incline here in town called The Green Grind. It's very steep at the beginning and my daughter does it at least once a week. She is not our weakest link...I rather think that I might be :) However, the views are definitely worth it as are yours. Wow!

Marcy said...

Yep, gross. Fun though.

Abby said...

I'm pretty sure that most people on The Incline on any given day are locals. One thing I like about it is the instant camaraderie with everyone else along the way, and I bet your Green Grind is similar. It's like inverse road rage!

Anonymous said...

I wanna try!
I'm not afraid of heights necessarily, but I think I would be quite nervous going down. I hope the injury wasn't serious. Inquiring minds want to know...

Abby said...

I have a hunch that you could give The Incline the What For, then sell cupcakes at the top!

Riot Kitty said...

So I take it your snow has melted? :)