Wednesday, October 30, 2013

'tis the season

I drove all over town to get THE perfect pumpkin!

Well, okay, actually, I CALLED all around about a 5-mile radius to find a store that still had ANY pumpkins.  Then I went to the ONE that said, "Yeah, we got a few, but they're being pilfered fast!"

It was slim pickings, but we scored three nice ones!  Nothing like last minute pumpkin gettin' to make Halloween interesting.

Yeah, Halloween is tomorrow already!  I did remember to get candy a few days ago.  But Meego reminded me, I think it was just yesterday, that we didn't have any pumpkins yet, so we went on our pumpkin-gettin' mission after school today.  MINE is carved, what are Meego and Magnum's excuses?

Actually, Magnum's cleaning up dinner - more power to him - and Meego went to go help a friend get the friend's fat suit working.  

Speaking of fat suits, hear about that woman planning to give don't-eat-candy letters to obese trick-or-treaters?  How does that even become a news story without her promoting it?  COUGH*attention hound*COUGH.  And what about the kids dressed in fat suits or other non-revealing costumes??  Meego's fat suit friend, for instance, is actually a little athletic dude.

OH the logistics involved!  I'm dishing out candy.

Years ago, we lived down the street from a dentist.  He gave out toothbrushes.  I, for one, appreciated that and always made sure to hit his house.

I just checked the weather forecast for tomorrow night. and it doesn't look too bad except for maybe people out dressed like Tarzan or Miley Cyrus.

Are you dressing up?  Giving out treats?  Shunning the whole thing as being of the Devil?


Rock Chef said...

Mrs RC is getting ready to give out home made cakes with jelly monsters on top. Anything left gets brought to work tomorrow.

I will be spending the evening at a friend's house, drinking beer and playing a game about stopping a virus killing everyone. Should be a blast. I will try to save Denver...

Abby said...

I hope the little goblins appreciate Mrs. RC's dedication to the cause. As for you, not too much beer please. The fate of the world is in your hands!

Guano said...

THAT is an AWESOME jackie-o-lantern! I usually make a scowly-face and use the stringy pumpkin innards as (ahem) gross stuff coming out of the mouth (always a hit with the boys; Moms not so much -- heehee).
Think twice about posting pics of the halloweening Miley Cyruses -- might getcha in trouble!

Abby said...

Yep, we had a puke-o-lantern adorning the porch a coupla years ago. Chaco's contribution. Quite realistic.
I'm hoping we don't get any Mileys.

terri said...

Your pumpkin is SO cute! There were SO many for sale around here, I'm wondering what they'll do with all the leftovers.

I heard about the woman planning to give out letters to kids who might be mildly obese. I also heard a rumbling that it could just be a radio hoax. In poor taste, either way.

Anonymous said...

We didn't get a pumpkin. We don't get trick-or-treaters. Mario dressed up as an 80's girl with big hair, hoop earrings, and a lace glove. And that was our Halloween. Oh yeah. I had candy corn, too.
I heard the letter lady story too. I'm glad you're giving candy. :)

Abby said...

It seems like pumpkins are everywhere by mid-October that we don't fret about a shortage, but this is the second year we barely got them!
Yeah, I heard it could just be a hoax too. Lame either way.

Abby said...

Good for Mario! Personally, I had enough of the 80's big hair back in the 80's.

agg79 said...

Got a nice fat pumpkin, but we gave up carving them years ago. My artistic skills are not that great and mine usually wound up looking like a prop from the Walking Dead set.