Sunday, September 1, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

Happy final week of August.  I don't know about other places, but it's been HOT around here lately.  I'm ready to put August behind us!

After getting all the kids established back to school, this week was my turn.  One week in, and I'm happy with my decision to go back to the halls of edumcation.

I was being a bit of an ingrate, grousing about Cookie Lady asking me to tutor her son.  But really, I do love teaching.  That's the main reason I find it so hard to say "no" when someone asks.  And that is the reason I'm jumping through the various hoops to get my license so that I can teach even more.

Also, I mustn't forget the days when I first started taking private tutoring jobs, how I was willing to tutor anyone for anything just to have students.  Now, I'm able to teach my favorite subjects and to have to turn business away.

Life is good.

Speaking of life, recall that we just moved King Reese the snake to a much bigger tank after he'd outgrown his 20-gallon long tank.  That left us with a lonely 20-gallon long tank.  Meego has been project manager on renovations to transform it into a lush vivarium.

It's nearly ready for plants and critters now.  Plus, it's a nice project for him, with some help from Magnum and me, as the three of us adjust to being just the three of us.

Also, after a week of true bicycle commuting to school, I can give a highly favorable review of the new bicycle tires.

When I went to the bike shop to replace the old tires, I had no idea there were so MANY varieties.  A technician brought out a fat fat catalogue, and we stuck our noses in it to find just the right thing for Tessa and me and our commute.

Their greenness aside, after a week of putting them to work, these tires are noticeably a perfect choice.

They grab the curves, are smooth and fast on the straights, and can deal with a fair amount of road debris.  They were actually designed with bicycle messengers in mind.  Cool!

So, a shout out to the Kenda  tire company, and also to Bike Tech Byron, who I don't think got any commission for helping me pick them out.  The green was (mainly) his idea.

As always, I'm grateful for blog friends and readers who continue to keep me entertained, inspired, and connected.  I hope everyone has a fun Labor Day Weekend!  Holiday for the working man! (and woman).  Plumber Butts all around!


Anonymous said...

What a great post! You certainly have much to be thankful for. Even Cookie Lady. And the heat.
I called my husband out yesterday. He was complaining about the heat, so I reminded him how much he hates winter, and how eager he is to move south.
Hope you enjoy the Labor Day weekend as well! Perhaps we'll see a bike ride video in the near future?

agg79 said...

Great way to end up the weekend and the summer. Nice to seek King Reese has moved up to bigger accommodations as well.

Love the green tires on Tessa. They seem to make a lovely fashion statement. I am sure you stand out among the college bicycle crowd. Although, give your propensity for running footwear, I can picture Tessa getting another pair down the road.

Abby said...

I've been trying to not complain about the heat - after all my b*tchin' about the long underwear needs last "spring"!

Abby said...

I have yet to run into either Chaco or Wolfgang while on campus, but Chaco told me he saw Tessa parked. She does kinda stand out. I think it will be difficult for me to ever buy her black tires again.

terri said...

I didn't think you were being an ingrate about tutoring for Cookie Mom. You have a lot going on and you were just kind of weighing the pros and cons. If you really couldn't do it, you would have said no, I'm sure.

Good idea to give Meego something different and productive to work on as he adjusts to being an "only" child. I like that it's something you all have a little hand in.

Glad to hear the new bike tires are doing their job so well!

Riot Kitty said...

You'll be happy to know there aren't any plumber butts here...just naked cat butts :)

That's neat that you're ensconced in something you love to do.

Rock Chef said...

Hm, I will have to look out for coloured tyres when I replace mine...

agg79 said...

Once Tessa went green, you can never go back to black.

Anita said...

Yes, Life "is" good for you! You've been dealt a good hand; continue to play it well.