Sunday, August 25, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

This was a bit of transition week, to say the least.  Transitioning from summer to school season, transitioning from a household of five people to a household of three.

All in all, it went pretty smoothly.  Chaco has picked up the last of his stuff, and Wolfgang and I have hit walmart twice for things he discovered he needed.  Hopefully, the dust is relatively settled now.  I'm getting used to the quietude and lack of clutter.

I have the university parent's page on my facebook newsfeed.  Late last week, they posted some items about the incoming freshman class activities, then challenged us to find our kids in a few photos.  I thought, "Oh sure, like I'll see Wolfgang in any of that mass of freshman humanity", but then *WHAM* there he was.  See him?

He says he likes his roomates.  A friend of his from high school lives in a nearby dorm, and they've had a few ukulele jam sessions(??), and one of his best friend is there, but commuting from home.  The climbing center they hang around at is just down the road from the university.

Chaco has an apartment dorm with three friends.  They're getting the hang of having to shop and cook for themselves.  After hearing all last year about how bad the dorm food was, I thought maybe Chaco was just whining.  But then Wolfgang is also pretty unimpressed.  I guess it must be pretty bad if we are two-for-two on thinking that MY cooking is actually better.

Meego is having to adjust to being the lone offspring at home, something he tried to avoid by asking me to have another baby when he was in second or third grade.  He has since learned where babies come from, and the subject hasn't come up again.  

We seem to be going forward with a Plan B of sorts, as he is putting together an amphibious vivarium while I plot my big saltwater aquarium adventure.  Babies come in many forms.

And lest we forget, I'm also dipping into the college funds.  I've got both Bella and Tessa all registered and stickered up for school too.

Roll 'em!


LL Cool Joe said...

Sounds like all your kids are settled and doing well. That's good. My daughters have about 2 more weeks to go and I think we are all ready for the new term to begin.

I bet it's a bit of an adjustment for Meego, but I'm sure he's getting more attention now.

terri said...

I see him! He's the one in front in a blue shirt and plaid shorts, right? He doesn't look old enough to be going to college! I'm sure you feel the same way.

Abby said...

Two more weeks, Joey, you can do it! Yes, Meego is getting more attention and knows it.

Abby said...

BINGO! And right on both counts.

agg79 said...

Yeah, I spotted Wolfgang and those plaid shorts. Looks to be pretty young to be in college. But I wonder what's the story about the white sunglasses? I would surmise that your cooking is not the only thing that Wolfgang will miss. But fear not, they are only but a short bike ride away.

Good to see that Bella and Tessa are finally street legal.

Abby said...

Well, Wolfgang did do his monthly shave before check in...
Not sure the story behind the shades.

Anonymous said...

I spotted him too! Reminds me of when we spotted ourselves amongst all the dirty girls. Never expected it.
I think my youngest are excited to be back in school so they can have an actual meal. With all the baking as of late, I haven't done any kind of cooking or shopping for real food.
You start tomorrow, right? So exciting! Are you going to be able to sleep?

Abby said...

I remember spotting us... well, you... in the Dirty Girl chute. Too fun!
Yep, I've got one whole class tomorrow morning. Can't decide what to wear, what to wear?

CiCi said...

Two away at school will give you time with the lone child in a different atmosphere. The last one never has alone time with parents until the others are gone from home. You have done a good job preparing your sons for their college life.

meleah rebeccah said...

Honestly - I am glad summer is coming to an end and school is starting again. I need to get back into a routine.

I'm glad to hear the transitions in your household are going so smoothly.


Anita said...

You seem to be adapting very well to all the changes that have happened in your family. I have a few, too, and hope that I can step into your vibes. :)