Saturday, August 24, 2013


Time once again for an Illustration Friday, where the prompt is "rescue".

Recently,  in our local news, a buncha - and I mean a BUNCHA - cats were found living in filth in some strange lady's trailer.  We hear these stories sometimes.  What is it with these crazy cat ladies?

Some of the cats were in horrible shape and were euthanized, but a few have been nursed to health and are available for adoption from our local shelter, along with all the other rescue cats.

A few cats I've lived with have managed to get themselves stuck in trees or rafters.  I've seen many an image of a fireman rescuing a stuck cat, but I've never seen that done in real life.  Who calls 911 when their cat is in a tree?  What would the dispatcher say?

Tuna and a can opener.  That's what I'd say.


Larz said...

We ended up with a heap of cats seized from such a hoarding case. I don't mind a cat or two, but I don't understand why someone would actually want several dozen.

Coreopsis said...

I'd just leave the cat in the tree. It will come down sooner or later. This is a great illustration!

agg79 said...

You'd never find a dog up in a tree (unless he was going after that squirrel). I agree with your recovery strategy - can o tuna. That's how Steve Martin did it in Roxanne.

My SIL had to recover a cat that was stuck in their attic above the breakfast room. They cut a hole in the ceiling to get it out. NOT the tactic I would have used.

LL Cool Joe said...

The Fire Brigade here in the UK charge now if they are called out to get a cat down from a tree, and who can blame them really.

terri said...

Cats get themselves into the strangest predicaments. We once lost a cat in a captain's bed. A drawer was left open. The cat crawled into the drawer and then behind and into frame of the bed. Then the drawer got shut without anyone knowing the cat was back there. We thought she was gone for good... until she got hungry and started meowing!

Love your cat illustration. It perfectly captures a cat's lackadaisical attitude.

hedwig said...

Beautiful watercolor! Great perspective! well done!

Anita said...

This illustration is now in the "one of my favs" categories. Love it!

Too bad about all those cats - how they suffered.