Sunday, June 30, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

I'm basking in the smell of freshly fallen rain wafting through the open windows and doors.  Aaaah.... smell it?

RIP, Michael

Our heat wave finally broke, the break heralded in by an exciting lightning storm on Friday night that actually brought rain with it instead of fire.  It's been pretty comfy ever since.  I'll happily take it as long as it lasts.  No more loitering in the frozen foods section at the grocery store.

The silver lining to the uncomfortable heat is that it got me to try both an ice bath and iced coffee.  Yeah, that's right, I'd never had an iced coffee until a couple of days ago.  So what!?!

And I actually enjoyed some nice running this week after somewhat of a hiatus.  Smoky air and a weird tinge in my leg that felt kinda like a shin splint, but I don't think it was a shin splint, brought on the hiatus.  (for now) Air's clear, leg's better.  Yay!

Meego enjoyed his time Biblin'.  ("Biblin'" became a verb here last year during our trip to Nebraska, but that's another story).  I think he enjoyed having the structure during an otherwise structureless week and enjoyed helping out the younger kids.  He received a very nice thank you note from the VBS teacher he assisted.  As expected, his ignorance of all things churchy was not a problem.

Wolfgang got a package in the mail from The Bolder Boulder.  He was out with friends so I texted him and asked him "whatizzit?"  I was curious, was he in trouble?  He had no idea what it was.  Pffft.  Turns out it was a 7th-place-for-his-age-group medal, which was a nice surprise.  We didn't know they gave out medals and have no idea how many places got them. His buddy Reid got one for 6th.

The sun is threatening to come back out, so I think I'll go play in a puddle before they all evaporate.


terri said...

So glad to hear that you finally got some rain! (We finally got some sun! Go figure!)

Of course, Meego's ignorance of all things churchy was not a problem. Heck, that makes him practically Catholic!

Congrats to Wolfgang and Reid on their medals!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Wasn't hard to find some silver linings this week! Rain makes everything better! (Did I just say that??)
Our highs were in the 70s today and will be for the next few days. Last year, we were above 100 degrees the beginning of July. Crazy weather.
Hope good things continue to go your way! Enjoy the puddles!

Linda Hensley said...

Congratulations to Wolfgang! It's cooled off in Ohio too. It makes it possible to think and sleep again. I love the colors in your bicycle.

meleah rebeccah said...

I absolutely LOVE a really good thunderstorm that brings cooler temps in the summertime. Sadly, over here we are STILL having a heatwave AND thunderstorms every single day. And yet, it's still humid and muggy as all sin. UGH.

Iced coffee = sweet nectar.

Hooray for running again!

Happy to hear Meego enjoyed his time Biblin. That's wonderful.

And congrats to Wolfgang!

LL Cool Joe said...

Glad you finally got some rain! I've been reading and watching videos about the awful fires in Phoenix.