Wednesday, May 1, 2013

woman seeking

Today I finally got around to getting a spare key made for the Element.  Yes, we've only had Ellie Mae for about 5 months now.  With one key.  Maybe it was Riot Kitty's key-in-the-sewer-grate mishap that spurred me on to finally getting this done.

So now we have a spare Ellie Mae key, and when I got home, I went to put it where I've put the other spare car keys.  Except, I had to think of just where that is.

See, I have various stashes of things I don't want certain people getting into.  It's not that I don't want these certain people having access to the things I've got stashed, it's just that these certain people have a habit of not putting things away (grrrr), however important.  Either that, or the things I have stashed are reserves of things that are readily available.  If I put the entire stash out in the readily available places, they get plundered, I guess because of the illusion of limitless supply!

So I stash things, either because they're important so need to be in a safe place, or because if I make them plentiful, the bounty is wastefully raided.  Stashing works wonders... except, I often forget where the various stashes are.

Today's hunt for spare car keys is the third such forgotten stash in recent days.

When Chaco was home this weekend, he mentioned he needed some new socks.

"Oh, I've got a spare pack of your socks.  Where are they?".  An exhaustive search turned them up.  Truth is, I'd discovered packs of spare socks when I was recently looking for something else.

The next day, Wolfgang wanted some Chapstick and asked if I had some stashed.  "Yep, sure do!"  Heck if I knew where...

Luckily, our house isn't that big.  We found the Chapstick.

Now, I know I'm not getting dementiaed.  These various stashes are all very organized in boxes or other such containers.  But then I take those containers and put them in some out of the way place.  I know that we'll find them EVENTUALLY if we look, so I don't etch their locations in my brain very deeply.

Happy May!

But do you see the problem?  Which is perhaps the reason I keep forgetting where the stash locations are?  For example, Wolfgang wants Chapstick.  I know there's some in the house somewhere.  I offer some suggestions and tell him to go look.  He finds.  Then I must change the now non-secret Chapstick stash location to some other location lest it get plundered.  God forbid our Chapstick stash should get plundered.

It's NOT dementia.  Is it?

So remember, when the zombie apocolypse comes, we've got plenty of provisions.  I'm just not sure where they are.

And on that note, has anyone seen our spring?


  1. Actually, I think I have your spring. You must not have stashed it well enough...
    I totally get your stashing theory. I do it too. And you're right. Once you have THEM go get it, you must now change the hiding spot. My blow pops are still in my underwear drawer though. It's a pretty safe spot.

    1. Just the phrase "blow pop stash" is like a ray of sunshine.

  2. Dementia is only a state of mind. They say the first thing that goes is the memory. The second thing is, well, I forget. I've been there on that key issue as well. Always had a spare set of keys for cars "just in case" but forgot where I put them. I'm embarrassed to admit that, when we went on our cruise last fall, I stashed my trailer keys in the house "in case someone broke in and ransacked the house just to get the keys to my trailer" (yea, paranoia runs deep in my family). Problem was, when we got back, I couldn't find the keys. Searched high & low but no joy. Finally found them stashed in a beer mug (go figure) only about 3 weeks ago.

    I thought that white stuff up there was typical for a Colorado spring.

    1. Well, it is an Airstream... I'm sure some would want to steal it. Maybe you've just got too many hiding places (a.k.a. beer mugs).

  3. You still have snow falling? I just hope that we get a good summer to make up for this. And on the bright side for your area, I guess the more of this sort of thing you get the less chance there is of those bush fires coming back this year?

    As for stashes, you make me think of a squirrel! I always thought that squirrels buried nuts and stuff and then went back for them in the winter. Not so, I hear! Apparently they just dig around until they find ANY OLD BURIED NUTS!

    1. We are happy for the water. It can turn around and bite us if the summer is another hot and dry one - all of this spring moisture produces much fuel!

      And I did not know that about squirrels - just thought they had their own secret stashes. Little communists!

  4. "So I stash things, either because they're important so need to be in a safe place, or because if I make them plentiful, the bounty is wastefully raided.  Stashing works wonders... except, I often forget where the various stashes are."

    Omg! I am hysterical laughing. I do that too. But then sometimes I can't find what the heck I stashed!

    PS: Please tell me it's NOT snowing in MAY at your house!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one!

      And YES, we had school activity cancelling snow yesterday. That's got to be the last one, right?!?

  5. I haven't seen your spring. It's certainly not hiding out here!

    Mark is a stasher too. Jake and I have been happily enjoying the stash of fun-size Butterfinger candy bars that Mark stashed after Halloween ... and forgot about.

  6. I wasn't going to mention dementia, but since you did...

    Just know that we're right thre with you. Yes, I have often hidden things from myself. Once, I hid the Christmas present gourmet chocolate bar from the kids (yes, I was being greedy), only to find it months later. Not quite as gourmet anymore.

    You can use that picture and its caption for a postcard. Maybe the museums and touristy places will sell it to the tourists. I'd buy it!

    (Just noticed Terri's comment. I see I'm not the only candy stasher.)