Thursday, May 2, 2013


Earlier this week, Magnum came home and announced that we are heroes.  Heroes of being stewards of the Earth!

This morning at the office

This was publicly acknowledged.  Did you not see it?  Heroes of the Earth and all?

I will skip all of the accolading and just say that, bottom line, we were awarded an epic award of epic proportions.

It's a $25 gift card.

It all started a couple of weeks back.  He brought home this Earth Day challenge thing from the office.  It was not for the weak, and we, the four of us, collectively toiled away until we were confident we'd done our best.    He took our result back to the office and, to be honest, I kinda forgot about it.

... until he came home with the announcement of heroicness.

So never mind all the bicycle commuting and all the recycling and all the xeriscaping and such.  We can complete a darn good word search!  Yeah, it was an Earth Day word search.  FORTY whopping words.  The twist was, we didn't know what the forty Earth Day words were, yet we needed to find them.

Also, so the non-heroes wouldn't feel bad I suppose, everyone in Magnum's office was given a nice pen made from recycled water bottles.  They were doled out to each department in huge thick plastic ziploc bags... *sigh*hello!*...

While I'm basking in victory, I'm dealing with mixed emotions.  See, with all this darn power comes responsibility.  We've got  a reputation to uphold now.  We're role models now!

Our Christmas trees ... in May

Yet I have a strong unyielding urge to do something not environmentally friendly, not prudent, not responsible, not sensible, not unwasteful...

I SO badly want to have a cathartic ceremonial long underwear burn right now.

Darn platform of public scrutiny.


terri said...

Many congratulations on your epic award of epic proportions! You are definitely a role model and deserve to be proud (and maybe could get away with burning the long underwear too!)

ShadowRun300 said...

Your good luck just keeps going! Congratulations! But don't feel bad. At some point, even the most environmentally conscious people get fed up with snow and will do whatever it takes to warm up the place. Even if it means burning long underwear. Go ahead. I won't tell.

agg79 said...

Hearty congratulations on the award! Such recognition for monumental efforts! Remember: With Awesome Power comes Awesome Responsibility.

Do you get a cape with that title?

Betty said...

Congrats on the win! If you have a fireplace you could dip the undies in oil and use strips as a fire starter. Only if they are natural fibers though, palstic stinks when it burns.

CiCi said...

The best part is that you did the work and won AS A FAMILY. Way cool.

Rebecca S. said...

You cannot be blamed for your strong desire to watch winter and all its trappings go up in a plume of smoke :)

Congratulations on being Heroic role models. Keep it up, family! America needs you.

Anita said...

What were the toughest words to find in the Earth Day word search?

Congratulations on staying with the challenge - all of it! Whatcha gonna do with your $25?