Sunday, March 31, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

Happy Easter!  Our family really doesn't do anything special for Easter.  We used to when the kids were little, but now they're older plus, since too many Christian hypocrites took their toll on us, we don't even attend church anymore.

It was a nice spring break week and also nice that it's back to the grind tomorrow.  I can only take so much free time (and kids with too much free time) before I start feeling restless.  But we did get in some funtime without having to pay an arm and a leg for a Big Trip.

We participated in major sporting events (bowling), took in some culture (art supply store), visited the tropics (reptile store), operated high octane machinery (bicycling), endured weather extremes (dog walking in a blizzard, bicycling during a sprinkle storm) while journalling our adventures (sporadic blogging).  One thing remains on the spring break bucket list and that is exotic daredevilling (climbing center).  That may or may not happen later today.

This was also Chaco's spring break, so he took time to travel all the way home (~7 miles) to join us.

Does this body make me look fat?

And we mustn't forget the good old downtime.

The weather steadily improved, starting from blizzard and working its way up to more seasonable fare.  There's not much snow around now, just the ugly post-snow-melting gravel, dirt, and muck.   But this is also "Pothole Palooza" season where roadcrews go around to fix potholes that have formed from the relentless freeze/thaw cycles of winter.  They are surprisingly efficient, and the ghastly potholes on our low priority street have already been repaired.

Also, with spring comes (doom doom DOOM) tax day!  I'm thankful that Magnum takes care of the task of   filing our taxes.  I compile some basic accounting over the course of the year, then hand it over to him along with the mass of investment documents that start filling up the mailbox.  He makes more money than I do, so it's only fair he does the taxes, right?

Magnum and I watched The Hidden Face.  It was suspenseful and intriguing, but GEESH!  Not very nice people.  Now I have a craving for a movie with some nice people.  Anyone have any nice people movie suggestions, feel free to send them along!

And Thank You to the nice people who visit here and whose blogs keep me (fairly) sane.


LL Cool Joe said...

Only fairly sane?

I wish it was back to the normal routine tomorrow. I have another 2 weeks with the kids at home. I get so restless when the house is full of people doing very little!

Happy Easter!!

Abby said...

Wow, 3 weeks total. A week for each day Jesus was in the tomb? Hang in there!

Rock Chef said...

Just watched Wasting Away. A zombie movie from the zombie's point of view. They were nice zombies...

Abby said...

I went and watched the trailer. It had me at Oingo Boingo!

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a productive week for you! Hope you were able to fit the daredeviling in today. Such a fun thing to do!
Hope the weather continues to get better, thereby keeping the potholes away. And once the weather warms up, perhaps Kat will feel more motivated to exercise. Not that she needs to.....

Abby said...

We did do some daredevilling - on real rocks outside! No one even lost their shoes! It was actually kind of hot, I was overdressed.
Kat has become quite active, running around the yard. We've discovered that one of her favorite hangouts, however, is China's kennel where she partakes of China's leftovers. *sigh*

agg79 said...

Great week. Sounds like you got a lot done without wearing yourself out. I'm glad to hear that the weather has finally turned to the better for you guys. I was thinking we were going to have to fire the maintenance crew if they didn't get the temps fixed up there. Time to take Bella out of hybernation?

terri said...

You had a nice mix of productivity and entertainment in your spring break.

Glad to hear that your weather is improving and potholes are being repaired. Our better weather and pothole season follows not far behind yours. I'm looking forward to it.

I haven't watched any movies lately, but I'm hooked on the t.v. series "Parenthood" on Netflix. If you have access to it, I highly recommend. Mostly nice people are in it.