Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday salvation

Last dumb Friday, I went shopping.  I don't really like to shop, but since I froze my bare legs last week during a bicycled mission (I probably should have stuck with no-shave November), I was wanting to get some warmish clothing suitable for cool time bike riding.  With that and the fact that I'd amassed about 20 bucks worth of "rewards", set to expire in a couple of weeks from the local sporty store, I gave it a go.

I was on the hunt for some capri tights to replace the shorts and tights I'd sacrificed to the mud gods.  I found some nice ones on sale, so coupled with my rewards bucks, BINGO!

And let me just say that I don't wear those shorts specifically made for cycling, with the big "seat" pad?  I don't ride far enough in one "sitting" to necessitate wearing such things.  No, the lovely tights I found would be just the thing.

So yesterday afternoon, I was frumped on the futon with Magnum while he watched the Broncos and I read a dyslexia book.  The sun had just gone down, but it was relatively warm out.  It occurred to me to go road test the new tights.

Since it was getting dark, I thought I'd just make a big loop, avoiding streets other than the quiet residentials. When it came time to turn left toward the high school, however, the traffic light that is never green was green.   That's as good as it saying, "This way, Abby.  THIS WAY!!"

I went that way.

I'd never been in that neighborhood before.  It had nice spacious and wide streets.  Not too hilly, not too flat.  I've now dubbed it "Goldilocks".  And the tights?  Just right.

I don't know how long I pedaled in my revelry, but soon I noticed it was getting quite dark.  Eventually I came to a recognizable intersection.  Left would take me home.  Right would take me the long way home.  I went right.

Yes, it was pretty dark by then.  No, I hadn't put the lights on my bike.  I was just going to do that loop.  But oh well, the route I was on was pathways and back roads away from traffic.  Except for one little stretch.
Not me, just another
image off google

I was whoo-hooing on that stretch of pavement when I sensed headlights approaching from behind.  Up ahead was a large church parking lot.  Beyond that, the rest of the way home was safe bike paths.  Would I make it in time??  Would I?!?  Did I at least have a reflector on the rear of my bicycle?  I checked the frump shoes I had on.  No reflection.  Really?

The race was on.  To my rear, the headlights bore down.  To my front, the church and salvation.

I made it to the church on time.

Blessed tights.  On sale even.


LL Cool Joe said...

If I'd be driving past you I probably would have yelled out that you need lights! :D Ha, that would have pissed you off!

Abby said...

It wouldn't have pissed me off because you would have been absolutely right!

ShadowRun300 said...

Blessed tights! I need to get me some. My day wasn't near as smooth riding as yours.
How exciting to find a new riding "trail"! Is there a chance you'll be running into any bears?

Abby said...

Did those bears eat Goldilocks in the original version? I'm thinking yes.
Sorry your day was not so smooth. I had new socks too. Any day is better with new socks!

lotta joy said...

ONE way to get you to church on time!!!

They sell reflective duct tape ya know.

Guano said...

The Best Rides often start with, "I wonder where that road goes?".
No expectations makes 'em even better.

meleah rebeccah said...

I hear ya, I totally LOATHE shopping. But hooray for reward bucks! And new tights!

And good for you - making it to the church parking lot on time before that car got too close!

Now please go get a reflector and a headlight on your bike! Like, immediately!

terri said...

Who knew that tights could be so powerful? Lights on your bike in the dark can be powerful too... ahem... just sayin'. ;-)