Wednesday, November 28, 2012


It was a beautiful sunny morning.  We met at one house, then the four of us piled into one car and headed towards the mountains.

It was a pretty drive in all it's fall color glory.  Music streamed through the car stereo with us switching out the cassettes in the tape deck occasionally for a nice variety of tunes.  Two girls, two guys.

One of the boys, Derwin, was just a good friend of mine, as was the other girl Lana.  The other boy, Ringo was new to our circle and had been dating Lana for a couple of weeks.

We reached our destination and got out of the car for a fall hike.  It was a perfect day for it.

As I got to know him, I found I didn't really like Ringo.  He was nice looking, but arrogant and too worried about messing up his designer clothes.  Seriously?  We're hiking.  Lana could do better.

Lana must have realized it on that trip too.  She and Ringo began to bicker with each other about every little thing.  Derwin and I tried to just ignore them and enjoy our time in nature, but I think Derwin was having a hard time relaxing.  He was the one who'd set Ringo  and Lana up.

Still, we managed a nice enough hike thanks to the beautiful weather and fall colors that day.  We made it back to the trailhead and found another friend, Munchie, from town was there.  He was by himself in his car and we went over to hang out for a while.  Pretty soon, he broke out a baggie of pot.

Ringo seemed ecstatic at the sight of the weed.  Lana was uncomfortable.  Derwin seemed to feel it an intrusion.  Yet, pretty soon a joint was rolled and lit.  Lana refused to smoke, already having inwardly broken things off with and acting very cool towards Ringo.  The guys happily partook of the doobie, and when they passed it to me, I thought, what the hell.  Maybe it would make Ringo less obnoxious.

Things did lighten up after that.

Munchie took off in his car and the four of us hung back a while.  Ringo wanted to talk with Lana alone.  He must've sensed he was losing her and wanted a last chance to adorn her with his charms.  They went off into the woods.

Derwin and I hung back at the trailhead, talking about whatever.  We'd been good friends since kindergarten.  He was like a cousin to me.

As we hung out in our fogged state, just talking about nothing, waiting for Ringo and Lana to work out their issues, Derwin told me he wanted to kiss me.  WTF?

I just laughed because... well, pot?

He laughed too, then said, "No, really".


Next thing, we're smooching.  He wasn't too shabby, but still... we'd been friends for too long, plus something just wasn't doing it for me.  I looked at him to convey, "Okay, there.  Can we be done now?"

Ringo and Lana soon returned.  Lana as fed up as ever, Ringo as annoying as ever.  Derwin never kissed me again.  We never spoke of it, and remained good friends.

Like me, Derwin is now happily married to a lovely man.

An annoying guy, a bickering couple, unwanted drugs, kisses from a gay boy.

For today's NaBloPoMo prompt:
Maybe not the Worst but... "Tell us about the worst trip you ever took."


Guano said...

Derwin's forced (experimental?) attempt at attraction makes for a good story -- in a weird, kinda icky sorta way.
What prompted his uncharacteristic advancement? The temporary privacy? The pot? Or maybe he was just trying to confirm/deny his orientation with a no-threat friend?

Or maybe it was the lingering presence of a handsome, designer-clothed companion nearby....Hubba hubba.

Abby said...

In hindsight...
I think Derwin liked the handsome, designer-clothed companion, and so set him up with the lovely Lana. He was maybe feeling usurped by Munchie's "better" gift. He turned to me for solace.

Or probably it was just the pot.

terri said...

Oh, the high school years were so strange. Derwin makes me think of a high school friend of mine, Sandy. She dated Scott for a while. Scott was always teased for his feminine mannerisms. Maybe dated Sandy to prove he was manly. Scott is now openly out of the closet. Sandy is married to a lovely woman.

Abby said...

I think there was plenty of experimenting going on in high school, not all of it in the classroom.

ShadowRun300 said...

Yeah, I'd say that was quite a trip. My high school days were pretty boring. I was the good girl, never wanting trouble, and never experimenting. :( I missed out on some things, I think. Not that I would EVER relive those years.
I can't think of any bad trips that I've taken - some have had bad parts, but not enough to ruin the trip!

Rock Chef said...

Ah, reminds me of something that happened to me! Will blog about it...

Abby said...

I enjoyed the high school years for the most part, but like you, I've no desire to go back! I was once on a trip and got stranded. Peed outside during a raging blizzard and spent the night on the floor of a church. That was a close second.

Abby said...

Good! Inquiring minds want to know!

agg79 said...

Definitely an interesting trip/date/outing. I knew a few friends in high school that struggled with their identity for years. Most have found their soul mates. I cannot recall a really bad trip, but I have had a few bad moments.