Saturday, October 27, 2012


Happy Holidays!

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is "Haunt", and I decided I wanted to illustrate a recognizable character.  Once I decided that, the choice was obvious!

Igor.  My reason for being.  My very life breath.  You say, "haunt"?

I say, "HAUT"!


lotta joy said...

My daughter was so timid she got picked on even when wearing a costume! So I traveled with her just to keep the monsters at bay. Only after I got OLD can I enjoy seeing little ones in their costumes.....THEN it became a night to grab candy and so many of them didn't even bother dressing up.

Oh my. I'm so old I am now saying "I remember when...." even where halloween is concerned. Gee. Thanks a lot.

agg79 said...

Igor. I recognize that look.
As I recall that he went for the AbbyNormal brain.

CiCi said...

I figure we all have abbynormal brains. Who's to say what is "normal", an abbynormal makes that judgment. Ha. Great sketch.

terri said...

There's something lovable about Igor, even in his creepiness. This is great!

Jimmy said...

Love the sketch, Abby normal brains now just what is wrong with this :)

D.Shawnte said...

Very nice! And spooky :3. Brains! xD

Mary Lou Rosato-Caine said...

Wonderful Abby! This sure brought back some memories! Really good artwork!

Cindy D. said...

Fantastic! He really stole a lot of scenes in that movie. You captured him so well!