Thursday, September 6, 2012

thank you

Do you write thank-you notes?  Actual hand-written, sealed, stamped thank-yous?  Do your kids?  If so, do they write them on their own, or do you hafta make them?

Our kids write thank-you notes.  I've had them do it since they were old enough to scribble.  The idea was that it would become ingrained in their brains and they would automatically write them like little Pavlovian dogs each time they received a gift.  Well, that experiment failed.

They write them.  Reluctantly.

I know they understand the reasons they should be written, but it's just not in their procrastination natures to do it.  Chaco finally got around to writing graduation thank-yous the morning he shipped off to college.  Whenever I reminded him, he would say, "But I want to spend all of the money first so I can mention what I bought mumbo jumbo mumbo jumbo".

That actually made a bit of sense.

Wolfgang had a birthday over a month ago now.  The thank-yous have yet to be mailed.  Can't mail something that doesn't yet exist.

Mama Kat also prompted thank-you notes this week, so I thought I'd attempt some that I felt were due.


Dear Lady whose running and boxing blog I sometimes read for inspiration,

Thank you for always posting your daily activities.  I actually did one of them today after reading:  I had a yogurt.
Dear end-of-season sales,

Thank you for saving some items for me.  The tattered, 5-year-old clothing look is never in style.
Dear Mother of O,

Thank you for your nice review at the tutor site.  I would not describe your daughter as you say "not easy to work with", I think of her as "edgy", and that will take her far in life as long as she doesn't get too pissed off.
 Dear Mother of J,

Thank you for calling this morning to cancel our tutor session.  I'm sorry that J is sick, but I rather enjoyed the afternoon off without any guilt.  
Dear SUV full of high school boys with sideways hats,

Thank you for driving at the reduced speed limit in the crosswalk while blasting that bass yesterday afternoon.  Your comment, "You're sexy as F**K" gave me a chuckle.  Is that a good thing?
Dear clouds,

Thank you for blocking the sun this afternoon while abstaining from dropping rain on me.
Dear Kraft Macaroni and Cheese dinner,

Thank you for being there for me when I fall off the I'm-gonna-cook-better wagon.
Dear garbage guys,

Thank you so much for all you do.  SOOO much.

Aaaah, that felt good.  I suppose it's nice to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.  Now... off to the powdered cheese product packet.

Who are you thanking these days?


ShadowRun300 said...

Dear Abby,
Thank YOU for your commitment to daily blogging. Your humor and wit help me get through my daily drudgery. And your courage to do wild and crazy things is quite inspirational. Perhaps someday we'll meet again.

Abby said...

And thank YOU for reminding me that I'm overdue for doing something wild and crazy.

lotta joy said...

Thank you, all the 89 year old volunteers on the citizen's patrol as you ride through our neighborhood, looking neither left nor right.

Thank you, all the 89 year old volunteers on the Citizen's patrol who can't hear the screaming or see the people jumping up and down as they try to get your attention.

Thank you, all the 89 year old volunteers on the citizen's patrol for not carrying guns. I feel much safer knowing you're not armed.


LL Cool Joe said...

Thank you to the education system here in the UK. Both my kids are now at school and the house is so peaceful.

Abby said...

I can't wait to make it to 89, so I can volunteer for the Citizen's patrol.

Abby said...

Another reason I like fall.