Sunday, September 2, 2012

Silver Liningness Sunday

Final week of  HOT August.  I won't say I'm sorry to see it in the rear view mirror.

It was a good week.  After getting somewhat caught up with making the living space livable, I began tackling the pile of paperwork.  There's still a pile, but it's smaller.

On Friday, we went to Wolfgang's first cross country meet of the season.  It was HUGE.  These meets are often heavily attended.  Cross country is one of those school sports where no one gets cut and no one rides the bench.  As a result, participation is high.

The meets themselves are out in the boonies, so many teams are invited.  But this one was by far the heaviest attended we've ever seen.  It was at a state finals course, so everyone wanted to come run on it I guess.

Here's the start of Wolfgang's race - just one of several run throughout the day.  Where's Waldo?... er... Wolfgang?  Find him and win a prize!

Okay, actually, I don't currently have anything in the prize bag, so I'll make it easier.  Find Waldo now? (hint:  blue top, gold shorts.  C'mon people!).

Wolf was fighting off the ever popular back-to-school cold virus, so just treated this as more of a training run.  No pressure.  He still made a good showing and was happy with his finishing time.

In other human-powered news, I had a lovely bicycle ride with Tessa this morning.  This is such a nice time of year for such things.  Sometimes people I know see me out frolicking around and later ask me what I'm training for.  I'm not training for anything.  I just enjoy "going for a spin".  Like when we were kids?

A friend of mine started running a few months ago and has seen steady improvement.  She said that I helped motivate her after last Thanksgiving's Turkey Trot.  She wants to race in a 5k, and maybe more.  I'm happy that she's enjoying herself and taking delight in her progress (she's rather heavy).  My only advice to her would be to not be too "grown up" about it.  

Just have fun.


SouthMainMuse said...

I love your observation about cross country "Cross country is one of those school sports where no one gets cut and no one rides the bench." Have a friend whose son was cut from middle school football for the second straight year. Cut from middle school football? Who does that? Everyone (esp. those older kids) should make it and get to wear the jersey. Anyway. Off my soapbox. I love running and wish I had done it much younger. I am trying to encourage my kids as well.

ShadowRun300 said...

My boys were turned off of team sports at a young age because of the competition. Our 3rd grade basketball teams were having kids sit the bench. Ridiculous. I was glad they quit. Unfortunately running wasn't an option, but bowling was!
Thanks for the clue - don't think I woulda picked him out otherwise. ;)
And yeah, running should be fun. Maybe even a bit crazy at times.

Abby said...

Cut from middle school football? Sad. Another thing I like about x-country is there's no judging. Fastest person wins and so on...

Abby said...

Sit the bench in 3rd grade?? Hello? Wolfgang took up running in middle school, and that's the activity that stuck. Chaco's the bowler. We did all the little league things when they were young, and I do NOT miss being a soccer mom.

Linda Hensley said...

The only reason I ever run any more is just to prove to myself that I'm not too old to do it, but I admire your ability to motivate yourself into going for a spin. Really love your "identical". Ford really changed our world.

lotta joy said...

Climbing a 9 foot ladder to paint the living room yesterday has me in giant charley horses today. I would only run if I had to, and I'm pretty sure I could make it to the mailbox....maybe.

Anita said...

If I had it to do all over again, maybe cross country would be my sport.

Here's to our kids remaining healthy throughout the school years so that they can participate in all the things they enjoy... and to get to those classes, too.

You're inspiring me to get out my bike... again... for the fifty-leventh time. :)

terri said...

Wow! That is a big pack of runners! I think I spy Wolfgang! Blue shirt, gold shorts, right? ;-)

I'm enjoying cooler mornings here too. The days are still hot, but the mornings are downright chilly. Perfect for running!