Friday, September 14, 2012

secret of the travelling pants?

I haven't worn long pants since early Mayish.  This week's cold front sent me rummaging in the dark recesses of the closet for something warmer than shorts/skirts/capris.  As I rummaged I discovered that *GASP* an entire third of my jeans are missing!

Okay, so I only own 3 pairs of jeans, but saying, "an entire third...!" is more attention grabbing than saying, "a pair of my jeans".

Either way, it's a curious thing.  Despite any rumors that may be circulating, I am NOT the kind of person who goes around misplacing my pants.  After searching the possible hiding places around the house, I came to the conclusion that they were either (a) left somewhere in Nebraska, or (b) accidentally gathered up in the midst of Chaco's chaotic packing off to college.

I've lost my wedding ringmy college diploma.  I lost Meego once.  I've put videos in the mailbox... In light of other things I've lost or left behind, the missing jeans are pretty low priority.

If my jeans were left in some Nebraska hotel, I doubt they caused much of a stir.  Probably by now, they've been donated to some charity and that's fine with me.  I've already replaced them.

On the other hand, if Chaco scooped them up in the ball of clothes he "packed" on move-into-college day, well that could be kind of funny/not if he gets dressed a little too sleepily one day.


terri said...

In our house, when clothes go missing, it's because the hubby was folding laundry. He puts Kacey's stuff in my pile, my stuff in Kacey's pile, Jake's stuff in my pile... It's musical clothing around here.

Well, at least you don't seem too torn up about the missing jeans. I hope they went to a good home and not Chaco's dorm room.

LL Cool Joe said...

But they might look really good on Chaco. ;)

ShadowRun300 said...

Do you think they travel in groups? I've been missing a pair of my jeans since the beginning of summer. I've asked Mario to check her room for them (along with my lost shorts, my lost sweats, and a favorite tank). She denies they are there. It's possible the boys could have them. They tend to just grab a group of clothes and bring them down having no idea if they belong to them or not. (Honestly, how can you not know what you wear?)I'm afraid to look in their rooms however, so they may just stay lost in the abyss.
I'm happy you found a replacement already. I rarely have luck finding jeans I like, so like you, I am down to 2.

lotta joy said...

I don't lose my pants. My pants lose their large waist. Every year, I find the waistband has two inches of it missing and I can't even fasten them.