Sunday, July 15, 2012

Silver Liningness Sunday

As parents, I think we're responsible for feeding, clothing, and sheltering our kids.  Maybe there's some clause in there about education too.  I think Magnum and I are meeting our basic liability.

Other than that, we prefer they fend for themselves and EARN their "stuff".  But there is one other item that we feel each kid is "entitled" to.  A bicycle of course.

Now I know that, to some, a bicycle is more or less a "toy", but not here.  A bicycle is an essential piece of transportation.  We will never buy cars for our kids, but we have purchased every bike that has ever called our garage or hallway its home.  

Recently, every one of them upgraded.  Chaco commutes quite a bit on his bicycle and was justified in requesting and getting a new one.  Meego had outgrown his as had Wolfgang.  So Meego got Wolfgang's old but new-to-him bike, and Chaco, Wolfgang, and I went a-shopping.

Such a fun place!
I made the mistake of taking a nice cross bike  for a little test drive.  Well, I needed something to do while they were tire kicking...

I remember reading a post by a bicycle blogger who said that the number of bicycles one needs is defined by :
n = k +1

n = the number of bicycles one needs
k = the number of bicycles one has

Sigh, I am NOT getting a third bicycle!  I don't even have/make  enough time to fully enjoy the two that I have.  

ANYWAY, we made it out of there, and everyone is happy with their new wheels.  This is the LAST bike we're buying Chaco, although I think we said that last time... 

I set about selling the cast offs.  My typical craigslist strategy is to look for similar items and then price mine accordingly,  undercut the competition.  Luckily, bicycles are popular items on craigslist.

Due to my superior marketing abilities (a.k.a. too much undercutting), I had buyers chomping at the bit in no time.  I almost wish I would have priced them a little higher if only to cut down on the number of inquiries, and then having to tell the snoozer losers that the bike they wanted had already sold.  

Either way, I think both bikes went to good homes, and the money I made selling the old ones very nearly offsets what I paid for the new ones (that is SO not the truth).

I'm thankful this week for kids that see the practicality of bicycle commuting.  I'm thankful for friendly bicycle shops.  I'm thankful for buyers of used bicycles. 


terri said...

Every time you write about bicycles, you make me really want one. I live in a "bicycle friendly" community with miles of scenic paths. Maybe someday soon...

lotta joy said...

I've been wanting a bike ever since we moved to a Florida village for crypt keepers. I borrowed one long enough to ride to the end of the block. I walked it back cuz I'd thrown my knee out. lol

Plus, I need a tractor seat. NOT that I'm fat, but I'm too conditioned to padded seats.

So, bicycles, as well as growing OLD, is better suited for the young and hearty.

agg79 said...

Noooo. Tell me you didn't sell off Tessa and Bella!! I inherited a road bike from from my SIL that I have not used very much, but your travels motivate me to have it tuned up and hit the streets. Running can only get me so far down the road.

ShadowRun300 said...

We all have bikes here, but they're not near as loved as yours are. If we lived in a different town, perhaps they'd get more use. There just really isn't any where for them to go here.
I love that you're thinking of a new bike. With some hobbies you just need choices. Have I ever mentioned that I have 5 bowling balls... I needed choices depending on the lane conditions.... They're not cheap either. Well, cheaper than a bike I guess.
How did Meego feel about a hand me down? My boys never seemed to mind.

Scott said...

You are so fortunate to live in a place that's bicycle-friendly. Here in the Deep South, there are almost no bicycle trails. For that matter, there are almost no sidewalks. Drivers will run you off the road, if you're on a bicycle. They will also throw beer cans at you. Bicyclists are hated here. The only peace you can find on a bicycle in this part of the U.S. is on a rural road that few cars traverse.

Rock Chef said...

Hm, your formula for number of bikes needed is exactly the same as my one for number of GUITARS needed!

That is an impressive looking bike shop! I can see that you are well served where you are - wish there was one like that here!

Abby said...

Bit your tongue, Agg! No, the bikes I sold were Chaco's and Meego's exes.

Abby said...

Five bowling balls!? You're right, it's nice to have choices. I've got the speedy skinny tires and the rugged fat tires. Something in the middle would be a nice luxury. Meego doesn't mind the hand me down. It's still a new-to-him bike in good shape. He and I went for a ride last week, and I was having to keep up with him.

Abby said...

Oh, that's sad :(. I wouldn't say that bike riders are particularly loved around here. We have trails for recreational riding, but commuting isn't as convenient. Still, I've never had a beer can thrown at me!

D.Shawnte said...

So many bicycles! Where I live at, it's kind of hard to ride a bike x.x. Really cool looking shop! :3