Wednesday, June 6, 2012

athletic support

I went to the physical therapist yesterday.  I've got that foot thing, remember?

This was my first ever time with a physical therapist.  I got the idea in my head a couple of weeks ago when I was talking to a fellow runner who was also whining about suffering from an injury that was putting a dent in his running.  He said he was going to go see his physical therapist for it.

He's got a physical therapist?  I don't have one of those.  I have a general practitioner.  I have a chiropractor.  Heck, I have a freaking life coach.  Maybe I could have a phyiscal therapist too.

Afterwards, I thought I should've asked the fellow whiner for a physical therapist referral, but by then it was after the fact, so I just googled instead.  My search landed me at the physical therapy place yesterday afternoon.  It seemed like the kind of place I was looking for.  The "Free Consultation" didn't hurt either.

Based on first impressions alone, I could add this physical therapist and her "team" to my support crew.  She messed around with my foot, had me demo some moves, then gave me homework. 

I won't bore with the details -  she had some pretty pictures to explain for me - but my issue stems from weakness in the middle of my foot.  My homework is a list of exercises to do each day.  I've yet to do them today, I'm already slacking.  I need to heed my own advice about scheduling time each day for homework.

And the foot is improving.   Maybe it was feeling neglected and now it's been appeased.   I'm confident I'll be able to dust of my shoes and wake up my running parts relatively soon.  I hope they don't complain too much. 


ShadowRun300 said...

OK. Do tell. How do you strengthen your inner foot muscles, and how exactly do they become weak? Either way, I sure hope she's right and that you'll be back on the running track soon.
The rest of your running parts will be just as happy to get back to it as you are. I know this for a fact. :)

Rock Chef said...

Hm, with this growing team of hangers on, I am starting to worry that you will turn into some sort of diva! Maybe you will get your own reality TV show and have a camera crew following you next? :-)

Seriously, though, it sounds good - hope you are out running again soon!

Abby said...

The PT gave me a resistance band for doing the footsie exercises. They're awkward. I'm getting it, though. I don't know how it got weak in the first place, but I'll continue to blame the devil shoes.

Abby said...

Yes! If you see one of those big private buses with fully tinted windows going down the highway, just think. It could be ME!

terri said...

I find it hard to believe that YOU have any kind of weakness anywhere on your body. I remember when you were focusing on pumping up your arms and how impressive they looked! And considering how long you've been running, it seems odd that your foot could develop a weakness.

I think you're right to blame the devil shoes.

agg79 said...

That's some support crew you've got there. Glad to hear you your own PT. I'm sure she'll be able to get your foot back in running shape in no time. Just keep up with your homework.

And let us know when your tour bus is in ready to roll.

Judy said...

This is the first week my back has felt back to "normal" since mid-March. While I am sure some physical therapy and a chiro could have helped it along the way, I attribute my newfound wellness to ignoring exercise and aptrophy. Feels good to be a slug for a bit (no way am I running in this Texas heat!).