Friday, May 18, 2012

on the seventh day

Sheesh, what a week. 

It started last weekend with the arrival of all of the in-laws.  Lucky me, I have two complete sets of them (sarcasm there).  But really, it wasn't that bad, it's not like any of them stayed at our house.  Just dropped in occassionally.

And it's been a week of graduation dinner for Chaco, graduation ceremony for Chaco, Birthday for Meego, end-of-year band concert for Meego... a small part of me is secretly happy that Wolfgang didn't make it to the state track meet.  Do NOT tell him!

Of course, life continues to go on in the midst of all this - groceries, tutor students, laundry, crossing guard, etc., etc., etc.

But one nice even-keeled thing this week has been the presence of Chaco.  His last day of school was last Friday, so he's been around the house.  He's been mowing and weed whacking and cleaning up piles of crap from his various end-of-year school projects.  He's upgrading his Frankensteinian computer and using the old parts to build a whole nother computer.  To me, it seems like he's been more productive this week than he has all school year.

Of course I jumped on that productivity bandwagon. 

"You should clean my computer, it's making funny noises and acting sluggish" (it was).

Here is the "before" pic of the innards.  There was about 20 pounds of dust in there, I think, that the photo doesn't do justice. 

He not only cleaned the hardware, but he also did a good software scrub, and I'm now blogging from a lean mean computing machine!  He put my keys back FINALLY, cleaned the monitor... I feel like  a new woman!  Or at least a new woman with computer!

And really, I cannot complain about the busyness this week.  It's all been for nice reasons.  Who wants dull?

But I am looking forward to the weekend.


Rebecca S. said...

Oh, I love this post. Maybe because it's like my life reflected in someone else's mirror. I loved that bit about Chaco's productivity in one week...sounds familiar. Anyway, I was thinking about you today because I wrote a post about my bike. Have a great weekend. Relax and enjoy!

terri said...

Busyness is always fun for a while, but then there always seems to come a point when it just feels like too much. So I completely understand looking forward to a little quiet and normalcy.

agg79 said...

I would note that you do seem to be typing faster now. Kudos to Chaco for "cleaning house". Good reason to have all that busyness going on so that you can enjoy the weekend. I would love to see what you uncover when you "dust off" those old stories.

Rock Chef said...

It is amazing what a bit of work can do to a tired feeling PC.

Have a great weekend!

LL Cool Joe said...

I think busy weeks are always the best kind, it makes you enjoy the less busy moments just a bit more.

I love the way Americans call it "weed whacking" it's just so much more fun than saying you used a Strimmer to cut down the weeds. :D

ShadowRun300 said...

That's the kind of week that has inspired us to hightail it to Nashville. Wanna come along? :)

Anita said...

Oh, the month of May! Every mother knows what I'm talking about. I'm still in the midst of performances, graduation parties, birthdays, and a Memorial Day invite. Waiting for my seventh day. :)

Good that you experienced a seventh day and that your computer and yard got some TLC.