Friday, May 25, 2012

ending with (nearly) a bang

Today was the last day of school.  It should be a generally happy time, but instead had a little too much drama for my taste.

I was at the crosswalk waiting for the happy kids when a teenaged girl approached from across the street.  Most people older than elementary kids don't prefer to be escorted across the street by an elementary school crossing guard, so when a citizen comes through, I just get out of their way and watch out for bad drivers.

I kind of know this girl.  She is the younger sister of one of Wolfgang's friends and I see her after school on occassion.  She hit the button to cross and I saw this Ford Explorer approaching at lightning speed.  I started sending brainwaves to the Explorer driver that he'd better &%^! slow down.  Miraculously he did, in time to stop for the crosswalk.

I'd been so intent on the Ford, that I missed the Honda CRV that nearly blasted through the red light from the other direction.  It wasn't until I heard him apoligizing profusely to the teenaged girl that I realized what had happened. 

She just walked across the street, a little red faced.  I think she was actually embarrassed - it was afternoon traffic time -  and that made me feel even worse that I hadn't noticed his approach. 

Then the elementary school kids started arriving.  They all looked a little tired, toting their full backpacks.  Summer is a fun time, but saying good-bye to teachers and good friends is a little emotionally draining for them. 

One girl, sweet Belle,  was actually sobbing.  I asked if she was sad because it was the last day, and she told me that she'd just said good-bye to a good friend who was moving away.  She doesn't expect to ever see that friend again. 

She was holding a little box, a gift from her friend. 

The traffic continued to be worse than usual and was getting on my nerves.  Then my fellow Outsider, Dee, pulled into the road.  Dee drives a big honkin' pick-up truck.  She pulled that truck right out in front of some guy in an SUV that was barrelling down the road.  He slowed down, but then went by her.  As he did so, Dee yelled, "SCHOOL ZONE!!" at him. 

Good old Dee.  I know it was all she could do to not say, &*#$-ing SCHOOL ZONE, YOU %^*&<>!!"

Shortly after that, I left for home and called it a school year.  I would have preferred ending on a better note, but I suppose it could have been worse.  Plus, there's always next  year...


agg79 said...

That's a lot of drama for the end of the year, but at least it ended well. Good for 'ol Dee. I have a serious pet peeve against people who ignore school zones and I am glad she had cojones to get up into the face of that idiot to slow down. One more year in the bag. I feel sad for Belle.

Scott said...

I'd never thought of it, but there must be quite a dilemma for crossing guards halting traffic without swearing in front of the children. Still, I think I could forgive a crossing guard for swearing while protecting my child from a speeding car.

ShadowRun300 said...

Whew! That could have been a terrible ending to the school year. Happy to hear she got across safely! At least you know your job won't be in jeopardy next year.
Love the sketches!!

Judy said...

Your drawings/sketches remind me of that A-Ha song - "Take On Me" or whatever. That was a GREAT video.

Sorry you had an eventful last day of school, though. At least you'll have all summer to recouperate!

CiCi said...

It is so hard for kids to say good bye to a friend. I felt for that girl. I did that so many times.

Hope you enjoy your summer and your time without the crossing guard responsibilities.

terri said...

Those drivers sure make you earn your pay in the Extreme Crossing Guard job! I'm glad that no one was hurt, but those close calls probably shaved a few years off your life!