Friday, April 27, 2012

the slow lane

Yesterday and today are end-of-year testing days at the elementary school.  For reasons that are too boring to go into, June and I trade places on testing days.  She's got the 5-lane speedway while I've got the quaint little street in front of the school.

It's a whole 'nother world there!  Yes, there's a steady stream of traffic, but it's parents who have just dropped off/picked up the kids and scoot abidingly away. 

The clientele is quite different too.  There are a lot more little kids.  The speedway sees mostly the older kids - fourth and fifth graders peppered with a third grader or two with older siblings.  Occassionally, younger kids come through with a parent. 

In front of school are those accompanied by a mom or a dad, heading happily to kindergarten or preschool.  They take a moment to look at me bug-eyed.  I know they wonder why I'm not June.  Some squeeze Mom's hand a little tighter.  Stranger Danger!

It's nice to be at the school and see some of the staff members I don't see regularly.  I was a volunteer mom at this school for seven years.  Now that I'm an employee, but very part-time, some of them are becoming just  Somebody that I Used To Know.

Yesterday afternoon, as the kid flow had dwindled, my friend Mary the custodian came around to collect the orange cones.

"Hey, haven't seen you in a while!", she said as she approached.

"Yeah, I don't come up her much anymore".

"Girl, you need to clean your mailbox!"

"I know... I..."

"There's stuff in there from Christmas, from last fall, from..."

"Yeah, I know... I..."

"... Hundreds Day, from field day, from..."

"Yeah, I know... I... "

"... your birthday, from somebody's shower..."

"Yeah, I know... I KNOW!!  I  GOT IT!  Last week, I got it".

I think maybe I should visit more often.


  1. Hey, at least you know they miss you! It would be worse if no one noticed you weren't around much anymore.

    1. Gee, you're right! That's probably all the more reason I need to go by every now and then a stir things up.

  2. I can't help it. I want to know why you switch places during the end-of-year testing days. :)

    1. Ha! Well, it would be an entire (short) blog post in itself, so maybe I'll tell you in a later post when I'm strapped for ideas. Or maybe I'd rather just keep you guessing!

  3. "Stranger Danger" LOL

    You've reminded me that I kinda miss my kids' elementary school.

  4. Maybe it was the first time the kids saw the Xtreme Crossing Guard in person. I was curious, too, as to why you switched posts, but I guess I'll have to wait until the movie comes out.