Sunday, April 29, 2012

Silver Liningness Sunday

Here we are at the end of April already.  I will admit that my keyboard is still foolishly wrong.  It's been good for no-peek typing practice anyway. 
Chaco is practically a college student.  His acceptance and all the associated paperwork that goes along with that have been trickled in over the last few months.  Yesterday he attended a freshman orientation and already has his class schedule for fall. 

He's also already got the student ID shown here, looking like something from America's Most Wanted.  His explanation:  "It was a long day". 

Now, he just needs to make it through two more weeks of high school.

The weather has been lovely, I think it's (almost) safe to say that winter is officially over.  I've been enjoying ideal conditions for my early morning runs.  I'm remembering how much fun it is to run without little icicles forming on the eyelashes.

On that note, Run With Lumber was last week at the elementary school.  I SO don't miss chairing that. 

On that note, I am thankful that I still have ties to the school through my crossing guard job.  I did make some nice acquaintances during my years as a volunteer mom. 

And speaking of jobs, the tutoring biz is good.  I'm having to turn some prospective students away, and have found time for a couple of others.  My current assortment of students makes for a diverse group of nice kids and abilities and subjects.  Talking with one student last week, I revealed that I don't tutor my own kids unless they ask for help.  He was very surprised by that.  Is that surprising?


Scott said...

That's an excellent, respectable pose--best wishes to Chaco!

Rebecca S. said...

That's what my eldest looks like in his passport photo. Scary :)

I'll bet you are a great tutor: smart and with a good sense of humor. What's not to like for a kid?

Reshma said...

Yay Chacho!! :)

D.Shawnte said...

Very cool! I hope he has good luck when he enters college next season. I hope he has it a bit easier than I do ^^;.

Rock Chef said...

We have found it best to let our kids ask for help when they need it, not to force it on them. Our kids have their mother's stubborn streak, so pushing would be counter-productive anyway :-)

This is an interesting time, isn't it? We have one son about to go ot Uni at the other end of England, and a daughter about to start college (within sight of where I work!). Big changes, but good.

agg79 said...

Perfect mug shot. He's got that college student glaze down pat. I bet he's all excited to start in the fall. Heading off to college is a big step (for both the student and the parents).

And the weather has been fantastic of late. Too nice to stay inside.

ShadowRun300 said...

How exciting for Chaco! Is he attending a college close to home? My #2 son will be going to college as well this year. He'll be taking a summer course at a local college. Fun times!
I don't think it's surprising not to tutor your own kids. Luckily my kids did okay through school and didn't need any 'real' help. I'm afraid it would've turned into a battle otherwise. They usually think I'm wrong about most things. :)

terri said...

It's hard to believe that Chaco is headed for college already! I have no doubt he will excel there.

Kacey is transferring schools. She has a new student ID badge as well. I thought it was a cute photo. She insisted it was hideous.

I'm not surprised you don't tutor your own kids. They seem like they manage their studies pretty well, so why would tutoring be necessary?

Judy said...

I try really hard NOT to be the instructor for the boys, simply because they see me as a teacher anyway and I feel like they need to get information from other sources as well (aka dad).

Which is why I'm on facebook all the time!