Thursday, December 22, 2011

something waits

I went for a bike ride this morning.  It was warm out - about 60 degrees.  The sky was vivid blue and the sun was just coming up.

I put on my comfy bike shorts and my sleeveless Canari top and my pretty Pearl Izumi gloves with the embroidered flowers.  It was glorious.  The birds were chirping and I didn't eat any bugs.

And there were hills, there are always hills, but I welcomed them because reaching the crest of one hill just means to be able to go screaming down the other side.  Traffic is light so early in the morning.  I had the roads practically to myself.

Even my bicycle - the speedy Tessa - was feeling wholly invigorated, like the well-oiled machine that she is.  At one point there was a hot air balloon hovering just overhead, close enough for me to see the people in the basket and hear the sporadic releases of propane.  I waved big windshield-wiper-arm waves until the people waved back. 

I saw foxes out hunting, and then a crazed deer... no wait, let's leave the crazed deer out of it.  After all, this is MY daydream.

Yeah, it was all just a dream.  In reality, I was on the stationary "thing" - it's not really a bicycle.  It's just a seat with pedals and handlebars that sits in a little room.  The lovely, yet lonely Tessa sat idly next to me the whole time as a winter storm raged right outside the window next to us. 

But the whole time, while on that stationary "thing", my mind was a conglomeration of many of the lovely bike rides that Tessa and I have had.  And my mind went outside that little room while the storm was raging, and I was anywhere I wanted to be. 

“God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.”– James Barrie

"or lovely bike rides during a winter storm"
- me

So yes, there is quite a storm on this Winter Solstice.  And NO, we do not have a Christmas tree.  And yes, the roads are not very travelable.  But NO, I am not anxious about that  *SQUIRM*.

Here we have China the snow dog channelling her awesome mental powers ( and I DO mean "mental"!) to somehow conjure up a tree. 

At least, I think that's what she's doing. 


Rock Chef said...

I love a good cycle ride - it is one of the reasons I ride to work, it helps settle the mind and puts a good space between work and home.

China certainly seems focused on something!

agg79 said...

China looks like she is channeling some warmer temps. That or her butt is frozen to the ground. Nice visuals on the bike ride, even if it doesn't get you very far. I hope the weather lifts soon enough so you can get your tree, but, if not, I'm sure you will improvise. You could always hang ornaments on the dog...

Rebecca S. said...

I was beginning to wonder...and then you came clean with the whole snow storm thing. It is great to go to an alternate place once in a while, though. I have named my bike, too. She is white and her name is Iris. Happy dreaming, and I hope it all may result in a tree!

terri said...

You know, I saw that snowy picture on your blog just yesterday, and yet I was buying it. I was thinking, "They sure have some crazy weather there! And I though Minnesota was bad!"

Good for you, being able to take yourself to warmer days in your imagination. I felt like I was along for a beautiful ride!