Wednesday, December 21, 2011

if I could put time in a bottle

Okay,  I think I've figured out the source of our troubles here in the household.  Despite the fact that we all live under the same roof, we live in different TIME ZONES!

We loosely decided that today would be tree-getting day, and I use the term loosely loosely.   It was just understood that since I was huddled under a blanket on the futon on Sunday with the Zombie Flu, and Magnum was watching football otherwise busy as well, the tree didn't get gotten.  So today would be the day.  But I think we need to actually hard schedule these things in our respective planners.

Magnum and I were up at a decent hour, and I left to go crime-bustin' before anyone else was up.  When I returned in the early afternoon, everyone except Chaco had been up for "a little while" and was fixing or eating breakfast/lunch/whatever they call it.  But Chaco was up and in the shower, so Mag and I took the dog for her beauty walk, thus giving Chaco time to primp and eat breakfast/lunch/whatever he calls it. 

So the dog's all walked, everyone is sufficiently fed, but... Wolfgang's gone out for a run before the next storm moves in. 

Okay, next time all five of us are home at the same time with  nothing scheduled for a while, throw a net over us!

I've resisted for all these years, but the artificial tree idea is starting to appeal...


Anita said...

Five in our house, too. I can relate. At this very moment, Husband/Daddy is with two of our girls, the other girl is on her way home from a sleepover (haven't seen her in 26 hours), and I'm savoring a few minutes of me-time.

For certain events, it would be nice to have all of us together.

By the way, there are really nice artificial trees available nowadays - already strung with lights. A few people have thought ours to be live. Check'em out next October. :)

terri said...

Oh, does this sound familiar! The older the kids get, the less likely everyone is present and accounted for all at the same time. For this very reason, I thought Christmas was going to pass us by before we had a chance to have our family Christmas celebration. Luckily, a work schedule was rearranged and we found a window of opportunity to exchange gifts.

agg79 said...

I can so relate to that schedule. Around this house, we have three different time zones and the dogs live in each one.

Fight the urge to take the easy way out. I really admire your live tree mantra and was thinking of going that way myself, but you have to find your own traditions. An artificial tree just doesn't have the same appeal (this coming from a guy who has had an artificial tree for years).