Friday, December 23, 2011


It was a week before Christmas
And there were things yet to do.
Oh how it sucks
To catch the Zombie flu!

There were days I did lose
To viral delerium
But I did somehow manage
At least a bare minimum.

Then I was better,
Renewed and reborn!
Only to be stranded
By a winter snow storm.

But time keeps ticking
It doesn't wait for me.
Christmas will be here
Even if there's no tree!

Would this be the year
We would remember as being
The year without a tree
Like a song with no feeling?

Then the clouds parted
The snow stopped falling
The sun even shone
As if to be calling

Go!  Go! 
Go now in the car!
Take the All-Wheel-Drive
The nursery's not far!

We mushed through the snow
And we got us that tree
At a bargain price too
With an ornament for free!

So now we can sit
Content in good cheer
That was a close one
What happens next year?


Rock Chef said...

That was brilliant! I love silly poems like that!
Glad you got the tree too - with at least one decoration on it too!

Have a great Christmas!

agg79 said...

Oh the joy that can be,
To see such a tree?
All decked and adorned,
Not longer forlorn.

No longer lacking holiday cheer,
A simple tree doth appear.
For there it now sits,
A tree that just fits.

Though small it may sit,
It fills the home with spirit.
And reminds us of the reason,
We celebrate the season.

This just goes to show that I should leave poetry to the professionals. Kudos on the tree and the bargain as well.

Merry Christmas!

CiCi said...

Great poem. At least you recovered in the nick of time to get the tree and celebrate Christmas. What will next year bring? Who knows, whatever it is will be full of joy and adventure.

terri said...

Artificial trees are now on clearance. Maybe you should invest in one? Just in case?

"Abby" said...

What? And skip all this drama??