Monday, December 26, 2011

the aftermath

Okay, the day of languishing is over.  Yesterday's sloth and indulgence are history.  Now we start the headlong rush into the new year.

I haven't made any New Year's resolutions.  It's certainly not because nothing needs improvement. It's just that I need to sit down and reflect a bit to see what's next and why.  I've got 5+ days.

I will admit that I'm having trouble forming a "picture".  Other times, before, I've been able to do this.  Picture finishing college and getting a job.  Picture the family and the lifestyle, etc.  Now at this point, though, it's all a bit foggy.

But I'm fresh from life coach land and that's given me some strategies.  In fact, just thinking on that now, I'm able to form a bit of a vision.  I'm envisioning lunch. 

And after that?  Well, it IS Boxing Day.  Anyone up to throw down?

I need a skilled and worthy opponent to knock me around good for a bit! 


terri said...

I've seen your biceps. No way would I enter the ring with you! I'd be happy to spectate though! My money's on you.

Jenn and Casey said...

How about Wii boxing? LOL. I do have a punching bag in my basement. I LOVE IT. Good luck forming your picture- I need that too :) Best wishes in 2012!!!!! :)

Judy said...

Oooh yeah, I can do the Wii, but no way am I'm going face-to-face with you - you'd kick my rear! HAHA

agg79 said...

Mano-a-mano with you? No way. I've seen your guns and it wouldn't look good on my resume to have my but kicked. I like your vision - short term & realistic.