Friday, November 11, 2011


Hello and happy Illustration Friday!  This week's prompt is "silent".  I drew a ninja for it, but I didn't really like him... he looked too mean.

So I pulled this friendly Mongolian horse from my archives.  I drew this a few weeks ago at the request of a friend who actually went to Mongolia, camped in a yurt, and basically did the whole Mongolian nomad experience.  For about a week. 

I could like the silence.  I think.


  1. It's a beautiful illustration. I love the saddle, though it looks very lonely, silent, for sure.

  2. I like the silence. It speaks volumes. Very nice rendition of a nomadic horse.

  3. Neat idea for the prompt (I think you should have posted your ninja too. Unless you really hated it.) I am totally stumped for this one! I think I may do a reading room. Arrgh, not sure. :) Love this horse and his gear - horses are rough but you did a great job.

    Also thank you for all the nice comments at my place! It's really cool to see repeat visitors. :D

  4. I like this horse. He feels peaceful.