Wednesday, August 3, 2011

don't pet the sweaty things

Ah, pets.

We currently have 5, counting the 3 fish survivors.  For some reason, 3 of our new fish died within about 3 or 4 weeks of getting them, but the 3 remainders are hanging in and look fine (don't jinx it).  I'm still honing my fish keeping skills.

Fish are actually pretty easy.  When one gets to looking on death's door, we just send it to the big porcelain "hospice", say a few words, and send it to fish heaven. 

On the other hand, we also have a cat and a dog, both of whom are not youthful.  Last week, I took China the dog in for some various lumps and bumps - 3 actually - that are sprouting.  They are "skin cysts", the vet informed me.  They're not harmful, they just tend to fill up with fluid and make it look like the pooch is hiding eggs or jelly beans under her skin. 

One of them, on the top of her ear (??) was infected, so China is reluctantly taking a daily pill.  The cost of removal would be about $700 for just the one on the ear or - what the hell - around $1300 to remove all three and clean her teeth while they're at it.


So we're mulling it over.  At the same time, we need a new roof. 

I'm kinda thinking that a xacto knife and a pint of vodka is quite a bit cheaper than $700?


Guano said...

Ah, the "porcelain hospice". Perfect moniker. In southern CO, it could be a fish's entry into Purgatory (get it?).
Maybe you could sell the cysts on eBay or something; y'know, China's contribution to the roof roof (sorry). That'd be a good doggie.
Administer the vodka to yourself.

Duble said...

the vet wants to give neil a 3000 elbow surgery.
we too are mulling it over.

terri said...

Our dog had those cysts too. They grossed me out, but we didn't have them removed and didn't seem to bother her.

Vet bills can get SO expensive. Ours offers a pet wellness plan ... health insurance for pets. I would probably consider it if I ever got another dog.

agg79 said...

Is the vodka for China or you?
I can so relate. Both of my mutts have cysts/lumps. I keep checking them out just to make sure they are moving cysts (aka ticks). The Vet did see any need to remove them unless they bothered the dog (they bother me). Pet ain't cheap any more. A visit to the vet be as expensive as going to the people doctor.