Wednesday, July 13, 2011

and then there was one

 So it's summertime -  not all vacation and sloth around here.  It's the time of year when I get the kids all caught up on their various checkups. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was with Meego at the dr.'s.  Everything checked out fine... except when it came to the vision check.

Nurse:  Read this line for me?
Meego:  *silence*
Nurse:  Let's go a little higher, this one?
Meego:  Uuuhhhhmmm....
Nurse:  How 'bout this one?
Meego:  F (it was a P)... O (it was a C)... etc...

HOKAY, make another appointment with the eye doc.

No big surprise I suppose.  Both Magnum and I are nearsighted.  Wolfgang joined the club when he was 9 years old, and now Meego is also in the fold.

So what's up with Chaco?!?  The kid who spends most of his waking hours with his nose just a few inches away from computer screen?!?  We are all wondering where the justice is in that! 

He happened to be in the next room at the doctor's office having HIS checkup on the day we discovered Meego's optical failure.  I poked my head in and told him, "Looks like Meego needs glasses, did you pass your vision test?"

Without a blink, he replied, "Yes, my eyes are awesome". 

okay, I had to touch up the photo
a little...

I guess what he lacks in modesty, he makes up for in 20/20 vision.


Anita said...

Our lives can be so similar at times! I wonder why. Could it be our combined six kids who are close in age?

My number 1 child missed a couple letters on the eye chart during the summer sports physical and it was recommended that she see the eye doc, too.

Sooo...The four of us have been scheduled. Might as well kill a half day and get it over with. I've been seeing a floating black dot for months. I hear that's old age.

Congrats Chaco! Enjoy your awesom eyes. I managed 20-20 until I had to hit the drug store for some readers at age 43.

I like the pic. :)

brandy101 said...

I just got Emma her 1st set of glasses yesterday!

Guano said...

I've had mild prescriptions for some time (never wear 'em). Got checked by an alternate doc on Monday -- 20/20, but it was close! Go figure.

Scott said...

My vision is fine, always has been. But I'm totally deaf in one ear, always have been! For everyone in the world, there's always someone who has it better, and someone who has it worse!

agg79 said...

He may not have gotten your eyes, but he definitely got some of your sense of humor?