Monday, March 21, 2011

one hundred eighteen

Okay, I spoke to my IT guy... a.k.a Chaco... I think I can get this video to load now.

Recall that quite a while ago I stole showcased a school project of Chaco's for entertainment purposes here. I thought it only fair to do the same with Wolfie.

He made this video recently for a school project. He says he did a total of 118 drawings. I didn't count them, I'll just take his word for it. I know that he spent a good deal of time scribbling away, and I know that the dang video wouldn't even upload the first try before compressing it, then converting it....

... then it was here, but only HALF of it. WT_? I was set to just forgeddaboutit, but then Judy happened to stop by during the brief interlude that half of it was here and commented about it. So I decided to give it another shot:

Anyway, pay no never mind to the name shown in the credits. That's just his publicity name, we all know he's really "Wolfgang Normal".



  1. Sorry if you get this twice. My computer is making life difficult today. I think it's great that art seems to run in the family. It's a lot of "scribbling" :) Nice job for "cultivate" too.

  2. Great video. The drawings were very good. I can see see where he gets his talent from. Nice directorial debut.

  3. That is fantastic! Though I've never seen Billy Joel's video for this song (assuming he did one); I can safely say Wolfgang's is better!

  4. I am glad you cleared up the name thing I was confused.

  5. Eddie Barker? Hmmm...

    Well whatever your name is, you're close to the age of at least one of my children and I think I need to plant a seed for a potential project down the road. Might just have to "borrow" the ideal. :)