Monday, December 20, 2010

Oy, what a day

We're easing into the holidays, right? RIGHT?!

Last Friday, I got a last minute request to help teach a class. No problem, I was actually happy for the work since I didn't have anything else going on, and it's just 3 sessions per week and no interference with any of our holiday plans.

So these online classes, they're always listed in Eastern time and we just convert accordingly. You'd think I could manage a 2-hour time difference! But NooOOOoooo...

Then, I don't know what it was, but I stepped outside to take China the crazy dog for her walk when it finally occurred to me that I had added 2 hours instead of subtracted. The class I was supposed to be helping to teach had just ended it's first session!
*SHITAKE MUSHROOMS!!* (Yeah, I teach math... no really!)

I (virtually) ran over to the classroom to find it empty with nothing but (virtual) post class trash in there. So I ran over to the (virtual) front desk to see what was what. Normally, if a teacher doesn't show up, the front desk people are all over the phones.

Anyway, to spare further boring details, the front desk didn't call because I was just added Friday and they were unaware. There were other teachers there, and they just managed. It's all squared away now and I will be there on time tomorrow MORNING!

So, after that waste, I decided I'd go to the police station because I have to get fingerprinted for that crossing guard job. Nothing like some good old government inefficiency to brighten a day! And such lovely people to share it with!

Actually, I should be happy that it only took an hour.

And the drive home was quite lovely and carefree on a nice sunny day. Except.... have I mentioned that I live near a mall?


agg79 said...

Shitake Mushrooms? I'll have to remember that one. Yea, that old time zone thing will trip even the best of us up at times. I keep scheduling meetings for companies out in Boston or LA and have to ask everytime: "Is that 10:00 am your time or mine?"

Glad it only took an hour to fingerprint you. The downside is that now you are on the grid and the Department of Homeland Security knows where you live and what you have been doing. I think they may come to talk with you about not picking up after China...

terri said...

Blame the missed class on "holiday stress." It's an all purpose excuse. You can bet I'M taking advantage!

Anna said...

Shitake mushrooms are delicious!

Being fingerprinted makes me feel oddly important (so I got to feel special when I went through customs and immigration on my last visit to your lovely country!)