Tuesday, November 2, 2010

intervention maybe?

This past weekend, we had an incident. An incident involving Wolfgang, and I'm wondering where we went wrong.

Now, Wolfgang's a good kid. Works hard in school, gets good grades, helps out at home for the most part. His teachers and coaches like him. He's popular with the other kids. As such, he is often invited to parties.


So yeah, he actually went to two parties this weekend, one on Saturday night, another on Sunday. I've always trusted him to do the right thing, and his friends he parties with are good enough kids from what I know about them. It's all good, right?

Apparently not. On Sunday, he returned home, and I could tell right away that he'd gotten involved in something that his father and I don't condone. He didn't even try to cover it up, and I'm pretty sure that he felt bad about what he'd done, even felt bad while he was doing it. It was the peer pressure, he explained. Everyone else was doing it, so he just went along.

They... they... they went.... they went....



He said they'd planned to do other stuff, but not that many people showed up, it being on a Sunday evening and all, so they just decided to... to.... OH, I can't even type it!

I don't know, I don't know, I don't know what we'll do about this just yet. I just feel so dirty.

*stress eats another pack of rollos*


Adam said...

Hey, in a good ten years, that stuff's going to hurt his teeth anyway, if he's anything like me. He'll grow out of it, sweetheart. I promise.

terri said...

Hahahaha! You had me going!

If it makes you feel any better, I think Kacey might have gone trick-or-treating last year... in 11th grade! We were ashamed, but she's turned her life around now.

Whodat? said...

Lock him in the closet and don't let him out until all the cigarettes, er, candy's gone. That'll learn 'im.

agg79 said...

After everything you've done for him, he goes and does this? How can you show your face in public?

Take away all his candy, put him in rehab, change your names, move to another town. Tough love.

Wendy said...

LOL, could have been worse I suppose ;)

brandy101 said...

My mom noticed that they had an unusually high number of teens visiting this year. I guess in a bad economy, free candy is quite a lure.

Judy said...

I keep waiting for the day Travis says Trick or Treating isn't cool and will stay home to hand out the candy (so I can do whatever I want to do, haha)...hasn't happened yet.