Monday, November 8, 2010

birth orders

Today, I noticed something about my development as a mom.

About 6 years ago....

*riiiing riiiiiing*

Me: Hello?

Phone: Hi Abby, it's School Secretary. Listen, Chaco collided with another student in P.E. class today. He's hurt his wrist....

Me: Really? Thanks, I'll be right there.

About 4 years ago....

*riiiiing riiiiing*

Me: Hello?

Phone: Hey, Abby. School Secretary. Wolfgang fell of a chair this morning while hanging some posters and hurt his thumb.

Me: Hmmm, can he write?

Phone: Not really.

Me: Okay then. I'll come get him in... about an hour and a half?


*riiiiing riiiiing*

Me: Hello?

Phone: Hey, Abby. School Secretary here. Meego got whapped in the face with a tetherball. We've stopped the bleeding and his eyes aren't black yet.

Me: Awesome, you guys rock. Tell Meego I'll see him afer school.



terri said...

Rough day for your kids, eh? But hey, if you're going to have your day interrupted because you need to go pick up an injured kid, it's nice of them to all get together and just get it all done in one day!

brandy101 said...

a mom of three from Norway once told me this little saying:

first baby you scrub; second baby you wash; third baby, you dust!

agg79 said...

As the third (of 3) child, I can relate. Unless there are exposed bones or missing digits, the kids just have to learn to tough it out. Hope Meego is ok.

Tho, I'm sure the black eyes make for a cool back story.

Anita said...

As a fellow mom of three, close in age, same gender kids - you know I can relate! :)

Wendy said...

LOL! There is so much truth to this hehe. My first baby got her needles, I cried as much as she did. Now I tease them. "You're getting a needle, you're getting a needle" lol

Judy said...


And you are totally spot-on with the birth order thing. Travis is totally babied (even at 11), but Tyler gets the "meh, you'll live" at 6 years quite a bit!