Sunday, September 5, 2010

Silver Liningness Sunday

Well first of all, it's a holiday weekend. The holiday being "cat acquisition weekend".

It was Labor Day weekend, 1999, when our cat found us, or rather when we freed it from it's starvation trap and it followed us home and never left. I realized it was officially ours a couple of months later when I took it to the vet to get spayed. It was given our last name in the vet's file. It was also given a neuter job instead of a spaying. Hey, he's a cat, okay?!? With long hair! Not that obvious!

Still, he's a little sensitive about that mixup, so don't mention it should you ever run into him.

One reason I write of Cookie the cat is that, this morning, while out for my run, I went past a cat in the gutter. Not really a "cat", but the former shell of a cat that is now in cat heaven. As I ran past it, its resemblance to Cookie had me a bit alarmed. Hmmm... Cookie usually greets me in the morning wanting me to open the door for him, regardless of what side of the door he's on. I didn't see him this morning. Was that him in the gutter?! *SHUDDERS*.

I continued running, thinking I should go back and check the thing in the gutter, but also not wanting to go check the thing in the gutter, know what I mean? I didn't check the thing in the gutter.

When I got home, I searched for Cookie and found him perched on a table, getting fur all over the laptop cover - one of his many thrones. Such relief. He's getting extra Holiday liverwurst.

In other thankfulness news, work is humming along nicely. I have to turn assignments down, there are so many opportunities.

In movie news, Magnum and I watched Wedding Crashers. What a hoot! No, we hadn't seen it before. It's funny.

And this week, I got some new boxing gloves. Yes, boxing gloves. To replace my old boxing gloves that I punched into oblivion. They're really purdy.


terri said...

I'm very glad to hear that Cookie did not meet his demise in the gutter!

Nice that you have so much work you're turning it down!

I hope you're not planning to use those boxing gloves on poor Magnum! Be nice, now!

brandy101 said...

aw, poor gutter kitty shell but yay for Cookie! (Cookie looks like quite a pretty boy, too. )

Besides the asshat who bites me (Percy) we rescued neighborhood stray some years ago, Lucky, who has become my BABY of all the animals. He is so darn cuddly and smart. And, bonus for him, he loves the dogs, too. He actually SPOONS the Scottie dog as she sleeps. Its achingly cute.