Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This is week 4 of the 4-week swim plan I put Meego on. (2) 2-week sessions, back to back. A regular Aqua Man he is.

So anyway, as I'm sitting there, day after day after day after day after.... I can observe the other swim parents. Most of them are the typical swim class variety of functionally clothed mothers, often with younger siblings in tow.

But there is one group that stands out a bit. It consists of one dad-like figure, two motherly ones, a boy of about 8 and a girl of about 3. Now, during our stint of living in Utah, this wasn't such a strange thing to see - your typical polygamist family out to beef up the swim skillz. This group, however, doesn't quite fit that mold. For one, this is Colorado. Additionally, this group is about 5 kids short, and neither of the females is noticeably pregnant.

During the lessons, the adults sit dutifully on the sidelines - the younger female with the male, the older female, usually somewhere else. When the lesson is finished, and the kids emerge from the pool, they often look a bit confused about where to go.

I've concluded that the man is the baby daddy, the older woman is the mommy, and the younger woman is the mommy replacement for the daddy.

They all look to get along amicably enough, but it seems strange that they all go to swim lessons. Almost all of the other kids, regardless of age, are accompanied by only one adult - whether that be an actual parent, or the one in the group that has carpool that day.

Maybe they're just all keeping tabs on each other under the guise of keeping tabs on the kids? Ho hum, maybe I should just read my book and/or continue my conversations with the random babies.


  1. Aqua man is a stupid super hero. Probably why they've not made a movie about them.

    Really you saw polgimist in utah. I did, but only if i went looking for them, I never saw, or noticed them in public.

    Also isn't Colorado where Warren Jeffs was caught, maybe they're moving in?

  2. Duble - actually yes, I did have a few sitings. Coincidentally, one such family made the news after trying to get a family membership at the local pool - only one spouse was allowed on the family plan. What to do....

  3. ...just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...

  4. Hmmm... well, at least they're making an attempt at doing some normal family-like things... I think...

  5. Ill give them this - at least they're not phoning it in. I've hosted more than a few scouting events where the parents are only there to drop off or pick up junior. Swim team does seem to bring out the fanatics.

  6. How do you get to see all the good stuff! I gotta pay more attention when I'm out doing Mommy-duty. :)

    Good job Meego!

  7. wow. I do this too - see things and try to figure out the situation based on the few clues I have. I call it "the speculation game"