Friday, August 13, 2010

star gazing

Illustration Friday is once again upon us. This week's prompt is "star gazing", and it conjures in me cartoony thoughts for some reason. It also conjures romantic thoughts. Put those together and it's a fine cartoony romance.

Sometimes when I'm watching nature documentaries, and think of those filmers, hidden with their cameras, trying to capture the true nature of wild beasts, I think, "what if aliens are filming us... making little PBS documentaries?" What are they thinking?

Or maybe they just like to stroll - three-fingered hand in three-fingered hand - with their sweeties, and think about the bigger picture.


  1. they are really wonderful, very cute x

  2. You never know who is watching you. One can only hope we make for interesting "entertainment" for the masses.

    Nice capture of an interrestrial romance.

  3. You have quite a variety of artistic talents!