Sunday, August 29, 2010

Silver Liningness Sunday

It's the last weekend of August. I'm pretty glad to see it go in some ways. August is hot, and I'm looking forward to a cool down.

Cooler temperatures and shorter days have made for some very pleasant early morning runs this week, with a weiner dog race in the dark thrown in for extra fun.

As mentioned, Wolfgang is running cross country. He's enjoying that quite well and holding his own nicely. There was that team potluck thing yesterday. Normally, I'm not big on these things, thinking that the emphasis in competetive sports should be on training and competing (GRRRR!), but it was a nice enough way to kick off the season. I brought a ham/egg/cheese/potato casserole thing that was scarfed down in record time. So I'm glad it was enjoyed and it also made for an efficient way to rid my fridge of those pesky salmonella eggs. JUST KIDDING!

And speaking of Wolfgang, he's misplaced his wallet. No, I'm not really thankful for that (although I'm sure there's an inherent lesson in responsibility there...), but as he was searching for it, he found my bicycling gloves that had been MIA for about a day. YAY!

And speaking of bicycling, I've enjoyed some nice rides nearly every afternoon, under the guise of errand-running. Now that the kids are back in school, there's more time in my days for such indulgences.

And speaking of back-to-school, one of the teachers at Meego's school sent a gift card home with him last week. It was to thank me for helping her out at school last year. Okay, better late than never, I'll take it. Meego's decided that he and I will use it. I guess hefting it home earned him that.

In movie news, we watched Kick Ass the other night. I liked it, even though it wasn't really what I expected. I expected a rather geeky teen movie. In fact, I never even checked the ratings to see that it's rated "R". I just assumed it was a PG-13 geeky teen movie. It's very graphic novelish in presentation, rated R for sexuality and gore, and a bit awkward for me at times, sitting next to Meego... but we all liked it. (Not for the squeamish or prudish).


Judy said...

Hot? It gets hot there?

We actually had a cool front yesterday and only got up to 96 degrees. Such a nice change from the 2 months of triple digits we've had.

Where's February?

prernatutors said...

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terri said...

I had one of those kind of movie-moments once with my kids. The movie was "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and there was a hideously embarrassing scene where Kacey squealed with shock and I laughed my head off, cuz that's what good parents do in such situations, right?