Sunday, July 25, 2010

Silver Liningness Sunday

Good Sunday to all, time for a look back on the week.

Tuesday was Wolfgang's birthday. The original plan was to go to Elitch's for a day of fun and amusement. But lately we'd been talking of switching phone plans, and we'd found an agreeable one which provided new phones all around. We bargained with the kids- the phones would need to wait if we did Elitch's, and the phones readily won that negotiation. No love loss for me, thrill rides don't mesh well with my acrophobia. Oh, and I got a new phone. It's purdy.

And we still had an enjoyable day of birthdayness. Wolfgang took in some bounty, we had lunch at Famous Dave's, then spent the rest of the day in Manitou Springs. Agreeable day all around.

Yesterday, Magnum and I had a lovely round of putt putt golf with Meego. It was a nice day for it and I'm glad, because his plan B was to go bowling, and I would've had to have wussed out of bowling.

Meego's swim lessons are going... (wait for it)... swimmingly. He's passed to the next level which begins this coming week. Love that video game mentality.

Anyway, here's the latest mural in progress. I'd hoped to finish it by now, but the rib thing has slowed down my productivity some.

I'm sure when Chaco sees it, he's going to make some comment about purple rocks. Bet five dollars.



terri said...

New phones for everyone! If you found a good deal, that IS a treat.

Happy Birthday to Wolfgang. Sounds like a fun day.

Love the mural. Very tropical. I could use one of those in my house. Might make the long winter seem less long.

Judy said...

Wow. I hyperventilate just thinking about adding a third phone to our household. I had the same cell phone for 6 years - it wasn't even compatible with ANYTHING when I finally got rid of it 1.5 years ago. My hands are sweaty just thinking about getting rid of THIS one now, hahahaha.

agg79 said...

Who can say no to new phones?
I haven't played putt putt in years but it is still fun. Good day to enjoy it with your guys.

Great mural. I'm already thirsty for a Mai Tai.