Sunday, April 4, 2010

Silverliningness Sunday

Happy Easter! Another Sunday is upon us, and this one is special for the Christian or pagan religious and/or those just into all things pastel! I wish a Happy Easter to all, whatever your persuasion.

It's been a busy week for me. Lots of productive work time and charitable volunteer time, mixed with a fair amount of play time.

Kids went back to school after their spring break. Now for the big home stretch into summer!

Last weekend, after our afternoon of hiking, we swung by a McDonalds. We patronize them every so often. It just wouldn't be right to not let our children enjoy their eat-Super-Sized-Big-Mac-Extra-Value-Meals-and-remain-a-lank-bean-pole years. Plus, I've been known to have a filet o' fish attack from time to time.

So anyway, we swung by this McD's and the service was just AW-ful. We waited forever for our order along with the small handful of other customers waiting forever for their orders. It was so atypical, I thought I would fill out their online comment form (I was polite). They should know these things, right?

The manager of the errant McDonald called me this week, we had a nice little chat, and I got 5 free samwiches. Nice to know someone cares (unlike Jerry's recent Reese's incident).

In movie news, we enjoyed the goofy and lighthearted The Hangover. I knew it was just goofy crudeness, but enjoyed it enough after the boring and depressing aforementioned "Everybody's Fine". It's more enjoyable for the menfolk, I suppose. Chaco and Wolfgang viewed it along with Magnum and me.

Word of caution: if you happen to get the "unrated" version, which I realized LATER, and there are teenagers or younger - or perhaps other family members like grandmas or something - watching it with you, STOP the thing BEFORE the credits roll! Just sayin'!


Anita said...

Happy Easter to you too!

The filet o' fish is my McDonald's choice, too. The kids haven't begged to go there lately, but we're due for a trip soon.

I'll be having the "double" fish sandwich. :)

Have a good week, as you continue to switch gears back to the normal routine.

Like the bike. You seem to have your own unique vision and style. Must be quite satifying.

terri said...

The Filet-o- Fish is my favorite McDonald's sandwich too, although I had more than my share in recent weeks while the kitchen was under construction.

Jake has a copy of The Hangover which he purchased. I've yet to watch it, but I'm sure I will as soon as things slow down around here.

Glad you had a good spring break with the kids!

agg79 said...

Watched the Hangover a few weeks back. Wild chaotic story. Kinda reminded me of Blind Date with a young Bruce Willis.

And I like the sketch, but isn't the seat jacked up a wee bit high?

Duble said...

yea, those photos were a little over the top!
I laughed a few times in that movie, it was funny, sometimes they tried to hard, but it was funny.

Judy said...

So, now I need to watch The Hangover so I know what you are talking about, haha.

Love me some filet-o-fish action!

brandy101 said...

oh that , uh, elevator naughtiness? it was in the theatrical release, too!

It was the last movie hubby & I saw in the theater together and enjoyed.

Ed Helms and Zak Galifinakis MADE it for me; I love those guys!

Great news about the freebies for bad service.

I got McD's today too because after my ordeal, I was exhausted. I got their coffee in the drive through - I *love* their coffee! And a choclate chip cookie - which are SOOOOO good (but bad for you, natch.)