Friday, April 9, 2010


Happy Friday! It's a beautiful spring day outside in Colorado, despite the *COUGH* snowday of just two days ago!

It's also Illustration Friday! (applause*applause). This week's prompt is "linked". You may think fences, you may think world wide web, you may think chains, you may think handcuffs - if you're into that sort of thing...

I'm thinking honeybees.

Behold the industrious honeybee, buzzing from flower to flower, collecting pollen and thereby reproducing the plants thereby feeding the animals, which thereby reproduce themselves thereby feeding us humans, which thereby reproduce to consume even more!

Consume consume. We're the top of the meticulously linked food chain and we couldn't do it without honeybees.

Have you hugged a honeybee today?

(Watercolor and colored pencil)



Whodat? said...

Nice Honeybee.
The real ones are dying off, the ramifications of which are yet to be realized.

agg79 said...

Has anyone told you that you have some serious talent there? I love the detail on the bee and flower. VERY detailed, precise.

And I get the "link" illustration. Very subtle. Very nice. Bravo.

terri said...

What a lovely bee and flower! You are so good!

Anonymous said...

I love your detail on the bee, exquisite

brandy101 said...

aw, I love this bee pic!

JNESS said...

Beautiful piece, I love the detail on the bee.

Duble said...

not to put to fine a point on it, say i;m the only bee in your bonnet.

Not sure if that is not appropriate, I never did know what that song is about.

Janice Lucier said...

Beautiful and great detail.

commoncents said...


I really like your blog!

Common Cents

ps. Would you care to exchange links?

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Hurrah for bee! I am a fan of bees! (to teach us not to be scared of them my father used to let them crawl all over his hands when my brother and I were little)