Friday, March 19, 2010


Hey, kids! What time is it? Yes, it's Illustration Friday time! This week's topic is the evil sounding "Expired".

The word brings up connotations of death, finiteness, mortality, and curdled milk...

So naturally, I submit a rather cartoony sketch of my digital timer.

This is one of several digital timers I have in my possession - standard issue for the Standardized Test preparation teacher, and often the bane of my students' existence.

During my training for this job, I was told that we were to operate more like coaches or trainers rather than like typical teachers. We train our students to peak, on one crucial day, in skills that they may never use again in their entire lives.

And they must do these things in a timely fashion.

Many of them already hate the test, and they hate the timer even more.

I will confess to taking a bit of delight in putting them through their time trials: "You have 35 minutes *GO!*"

Evil Zeroes.


  1. Those zero are not evil, they mean that you can put your pencil down and either have a celebratory adult beverage, or drown your failure in an adult beverage.

  2. Of course it's a TIMER! For some reason I thought it was an alarm clock. (That was before I read your words.) Then it occurred to me that an alarm clock should never be flashing all zeros. All eights maybe... if the power goes out. But zeros would be a bad sign.

    My lack of recognition should in no way be considered a reflection on your drawing skills :-)

  3. Time's Up! Pencils down!
    Those words still put me into panic mode. Quick! Fill in the rest of the boxes (C - C - C - C - C - C) on the hope that some of them may be right.

    Good drawing.

  4. I had somewhat the same reaction as agg79. Visions of sweaty palms, wide eyes, twitching arms. LOL We're done with least I am!!!

  5. I agree with Duble, but I suspect your students are not of the "adult beverage" age.....

  6. I think her students are of adult beverage age, the current ones are prepping for hte gmat ( I think) I didn't do that till I was 28.

  7. Yes, Jerry, they are of the adult beverage age and take full advantage!

  8. This drawing reminds me far too much of my alarm clock... the one that likes to reset itself from time to time... Grrr...

    Erm, I mean, good drawing!