Sunday, January 24, 2010

Silver Liningness Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! Whoo, the week flew by, did it not?

For one, I am thankful just for it being Sunday. A Sunday of nothing on the calendar. This is our first weekend in quite a while that is pretty open, so it's nice to just be a slug and get caught up on things for a bit.

We enjoyed another mild week weather-wise, so my bicycle bliss continued - YES, even the capris came out of hiding!

Summer before last, one of the things on our things-to-do-over-summer-break list was to paint a mural on a portion of a wall in the basement. Well, never happened. I got all the paints and brushes, but we couldn't decide what to paint, and we got busy with other stuff, blah, blah, blah. Before we knew it, school started again and the wall was as naked as ever.

This week, I remembered that those paints were still waiting, so I just started splatting them onto the chosen wall - Bob Ross style - watching to see what "happy accidents" appeared. So here's a portion of what's on the wall now. Plus, the kids are back to Let's-Paint-A-Mural! mode after the reminder. If we're not careful, the mancave may just look like a jungle by the end of the weekend.

And, in a total mom-of-suburbia moment, have you been to the mall lately? Some great deals to be had! Picked up some hoodies and cargo pants for the kids on the CHEAP this week. Very timely, since they've grown out of just about everything I bought them in the fall (mom-of-suburbia moment now over).

On the work side of things, my class is going well and I also have a high school tutor student who will most likely get an athletic scholarship, so wants to make sure his academics are up to snuff. I find that this type of student - one with specific motivation - is the most pleasant to tutor.

And speaking of academics, Meego has been working on his Science Fair "project of death" for a while, and I think/hope that the death is finally near for the tougher specimens! Not to worry - he's killing batteries, not innocent life forms. Deadline is this week, so our dance-of-death has been employed and is hopefully effective.


terri said...

Yeah, what was it about this week? Feels like it flew by and everything got out of hand around here too.

I am impressed with your family's mural painting abilities. I don't think I was aware of this creative talent of all of yours.

This is definitely a great time of year for shopping. Whenever I have the time, I browse around every store searching out clearance bargains. And when I find some? It's like a high for me!

Science fair projects... we've seen our share of those. I must say that I don't miss the stress leading up to the deadline, but really enjoyed seeing all the fascinating things all the kids came up with each year.

brandy101 said...

I *love* the painting! PLease post more pics as the jungle grows!

Adam said...

You know, Abbey, when I first saw the painting, I thought you were getting another tattoo lol.