Thursday, January 21, 2010

code of fire

A couple of days ago, I got suckered into going to the elementary school and cleaning out a store room with another PTO sucker. Apparently, a fire inspection is imminent, so this room needed some attention. Mind you, we were only cleaning out the PTO section of the storeroom.

Turns out my partner in grime is, like me, a clutterphobe, so we made very short work of our task. And I will say that the formerly jumbled shelves are now an efficient, tidy shrine of orderliness.

She, also like me, is a mom of all boys. She's got an extra one, though, a fourth one to contend with. So we talked about being moms of all boys. Yes, they are messy. Yes, they are loud. Yes, they are rowdy. Then there are stories we've heard of moms with girls. They could be weepy, they could be overly sensitive, they could hold a grudge forEVER, and yes, they could be bitchy.

I thought back to my school and work experiences, and just experiences with the different genders in general. Girls can be mean. Mean mean. Fortunately, I think I can say that I was never an active target of such meanness, but I've witnessed enough.

A few years ago, I had a temporary part-time job at that very elementary school. Most of the staff there is female. I couldn't help but notice the contrast in coworker dynamics between that and when I worked with mostly men.

Those women would be all flowery and nicey nice when in each others' company, but the minute one party left the room, the bitchiness and gossip ensued. I was rather shocked that this was the "rule" and NOT the exception. It happened on a daily basis.

Working with mostly men was so different. I find men to be more honest and upfront. Basically, they treat you like "one of the guys", grab your ass, or totally ignore you. So much easier to know where you stand.

I know there are exceptions, but I still wince when remembering the backstabbing and catfighting I witnessed during my short stint at that school job.

So my friend and I received profuse thankfulness regarding our decluttering prowess. We then left the building so someone could surely accuse us of something bad.


Rachelle said...

This is so true. Women can be harsh. Since I was young I've always had a lot of guy friends and I think that's why. Less drama. :)

Anita said...

Can I hire you and the other PTO sucker (your words) to come and clean my office shelves and files? :)

Women do have that rep! What's up with that? Not me...

terri said...

Yep, the male species is definitely less complicated in that regard. What you see is what you get. I like that about them.

brandy101 said...

I went to all-girls school for 10 years...don;t get me started!

Whodat? said...

Um, I'd like to apply for a job at your former place of employment?
You know, where people can grab others' asses as a method of conveying where they stand?

agg79 said...

See? We ain't that complicated. Slow? Perhaps.
Insensitive? You bet.
Culturally challenged? Football is a culture.
Fashion savy? Camouflage is a fashion statement.
Grabbing ass? A sign of respect/acceptance (unless you do it wrong).

Weeble's Wobble said...

I've experienced the harshness of women first hand since grade 6 up til this day. The gossiping, back biting, competitiveness is disgusting. When a girl is wronged, she will get revenge in the sneakiest nastiest ways. When a boy is ticked off he'll punch the offender and it's over. And often they're playing football on the school ground together the next day. Well sometimes. I realize I'm over generalizing. :D

Anonymous said...

When it comes to clutter, dumpsters are like garlic to vampires.