Wednesday, January 27, 2010

because it's funner and easier than keeping fingerprints at bay

I'm still playing with my wall.

I used up all those old paints and then went out and bought some new. So I guess that defeated the purpose of the wall paintage to be a means to use up old paint.

It's not done yet. I'm waiting for the wall to tell me when it's done. I think it prefers this to ubiquitous smudgy fingerprints.

Kids helped some too. Can you find Meego's contribution in this section?

In other news, the 4th grade science fair project report has been completed and turned in. Meego never reached full death of all the batteries, but a couple were comatose.

Conclusion: LED light bulbs last WAY WAY WAY WAAAAY longer than incandescants.


agg79 said...

Wow. You are a great artist. Pretty dang good for just "playing". Love the colors & details. Better than most store bought wallpaper or a designer pattern and it has some genuine personal touches to it.

BTW - is his the one lone leaf/seed arrangement in the middle?

Time to switch to LEDs?

Weeble's Wobble said...

Holy moly, that's amazing!

Anita said...

Nice blending of colors!

Did that sound like I know what I'm talking about? :)

Meego did a nice job of adding to the basement wall masterpiece.

Hooray for LED!

Duble said...

Wait just a second, this is clearly not appropriate for a man cave, where are the pirates, tanks and explosions?

brandy101 said...

love it - looks so serene!

terri said...

Wow! That is beautiful! Can you come to my house and do some walls here ? I really can't tell which part is Meego's. I'm going to go with Agg's guess. Meego is obviously talented like his mom.

Judy said...

I wanna sign up for the Mural-de-Abby-normalness...can you come do that on my 14 foot living room wall????

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Nice! I love the red one...