Saturday, October 10, 2009

Silver Liningness, part VIII

Happy Saturday, everyone! My thermometer says 25 degrees and the weather forecast says "high" of 28, so I guess this is as good as it's gonna get.

I went out for a hike this morning. Not bad if one wears about 5 layers, like I did.

Anyway, it's been another fun-filled blessed week. Let's revisit!

On Tuesday, Meego's school had it's annual field day. It was a bit chilly but sunny and, overall, a good day.

I was sent to the "Tennis Ball Throw" trenches this year. Had never done that event despite this being my 6th year as a field day volunteer at that school. Y'know, a tennis ball thrown, even by an elementary school kid, can bounce and roll quite a long ways. It was basically a day of shagging - and I don't mean that in the UK sense.

I've had more fun with training to get ready to teach live online classes. The idea of not having to drive anywhere and being able to teach in just my underwear (if I wanted to) is strangely appealing.
Also, my live offline class is going well, even though I have to drive and wear decent clothing for that.

Yesterday, the kids all had a day off of school. Not wanting to squander the event, I made sure to have a fun activity planned: we would FINALLY give their room the cleaning it so badly needed.

The three of them all share one big bedroom, so imagine a teenage boy's room. Now multiply that image x 3. Okay, I know that Meego isn't an official teenager, but he is definitely eligible for the Talented and Gifted program from being such an adept protege' to his brothers' mentoring.

I did what any good mom would do. I offered cash.

"One dollar per pound of anything that is either thrown away or donated", - my final offer. Oh, the fire THAT lit!

Here's me and the highly accurate weighing device with my resulting $81 worth of crap!

Okay, so when I made the contract, I didn't actually think they'd come up with 81 pounds! But, it's money well spent, I'd say. Besides, I can make a good chunk of that back since the Pay the Putzfrau program is still in effect!


Whodat? said...

$1/lb. Brilliant
BTW, we have the 'zact same scale. How weird is THAT?

terri said...

Love the $1 per pound idea. I'm totally using that idea and I'm willing to pay whatever it takes if I can see my daughter's bedroom floor again sometime soon.

No posting photos of you teaching in your underwear. This is a family blog (I think!) ;-)

Goes by the name of Anna said...

If I ever have kids, I am definitely stealing So Many of your ideas...

brandy101 said...

great pic - so what got tossed and what could you donate?

Judy said...

Oh my. I am totally using that $1 a pound deal! How sweet is that?????

LauraBelle said...

This is so funny in that I've got my kids in their rooms today! ha!

Duble said...

btw i got back from DC and while i am thankful to be home, I still don't have snow, but there is a nice ice slick wehre teh rain gutter dumps out.