Sunday, August 16, 2009

Silver Lining S-day, part LII

Omigosh! I just made the 52-week mark for silver liningness! That's an entire year of thankfulness!

So I guess I should begin with thanking the blog friend who made it all happen. That would be Terri Terri who so inspired me when she began doing her "Life is Good" Fridays. Thanks Terri! *waves hands unrestrainedly*

As mentioned previously, it's been a busy week. A bit of a blur actually, but I got the important stuff done, like the week-before-school-starts busyness of high school registration and check-in night at Meego's school. I'm getting the vibe that it's going to be a good school year all around. Now I just need to remember to get everyone off to school on time tomorrow. I had a dream last night that we all forgot and I realized that that could actually happen!

We're looking into getting a wood burning stove installed before winter. We had one in our last home and miss it. Yesterday, we went on a stove hunting expedition. Didn't finalize anything, but we've drastically narrowed down our picks. And on that note, I'm thankful that Magnum has been doing all the homework to find out the logistics of installing the thing. Heck if I want to do that!

We had another cool down! Moved in last night. I went for a run today in a wonderfully cool breeze. So nice to be able to just go out and run without the fear of shriveling into an incoherent dehydrated blob!

Sold a spare dog crate on craigslist this week too. Didn't make a killing on it, but I'm happy to have the extra floor space along with a little bit o' cash.

Oh yeah, then there was that 19th wedding anniversary... How time flies.


brandy101 said...

you seem to unload lots of stuff on craigslist...I have sold on ebay but no c-list - sometime (when i am ready; things are a disaster around here w. impending demolition) I will email you to get the scoop on how to go about it.

Congrats on a year of silver linings!!!!!

Herb said...

Now I am going to actually try to work on "Thankful Thursday" or something. Oh well.

terri said...

I'm honored that you were inspired by my Friday posts! You were more consistent than I was. You did 52 weeks in a row. I know I've missed a few here and there over the past few months.

I'm curious to hear more about the woodburning stove. I have a couple of friends who have them and I know their energy bills are drastically lower than mine. We're not in a position to make such a modification to our house right now, but maybe someday...

My kids don't return to school until September 8th. I'm glad I have a couple more weeks with them at home, relaxed and not stressing over school stuff.

agg79 said...

Oooh. Woord burning stove. I am so envious. I love the smell and warmth you get from a genuine stove, but, somehow, we don't have much use for one down here. My brother & his wife have one in his yurt in Seattle that they use throughout the winter.

Enjoy the temperate weather (send some down here) before it turns colder.