Sunday, August 2, 2009

Silver Lining S-day, part L

Is that right? Part "L"? Looks funny.

But it's another weekend, and according to my records, it's the 50th silver lining Saturday (on a Sunday)!

Lovely week we had. We got a break in the summer heat, which really hasn't been that bad, but we cooled down big time and it was goooooood. I decided I should bake something to celebrate the occassion since I typically practice oven abstinence in summertime. So I made a cornbread.

And, speaking of appliances, due to Brilliant Beej's ordeal, I'm reminded how thankful I am to have a fridge that works! We did that weeks-without-a-fridge thing a couple of summers ago. Doable, yes. Fun, no.

Yesterday, Chaco completed his obligatory 4-hour driving class and passed his written test to get his learner's permit. I don't know when this 4-hour class became required. I never had to do it, but then, when I got my learner's permit, the wheel had just barely been invented.... Anyway, he's coming right along with his learning-to-drive-a-stick practice. Now we can practice legally.

Back to School
School starts up again in a couple of weeks. I have mixed emotions, but I'm happy that Chaco and Wolfgang are both in high school this year. The high school doesn't give out those obnoxious school supply lists that require everyone to bring in boat loads of pencils and glue sticks and markers and other stuff they often won't even use. High schoolers certainly do have to get stuff as the year goes on, but explain to me, for instance, why Meego and every other kid in his class each needs 48 pencils??



terri said...

Cornbread! Yum!

Did I read that right about Chaco having a 4 hour class before taking his written test? Here, the kids have to take two weeks of classes, two hours per day, then the written test. I'm amazed at the differences in drivers' education from state to state.

When my kids started high school, I thought for sure I'd missed something. I couldn't believe that the only required items were some notebooks and 3-ring binders. When my kids attended a private grade school, the supply lists were massive and included things like packs of copy paper, Kleenex, and containers of Clorox wipes. I like high school!

Elizabeth said...

That cornbread does look yummy!
Do you put sugar in it? It is a real controversy around here if one does or doesn't! :D

agg79 said...

4 hours? Down here the kids take driver's ed for 6 weeks with several hours in class and behind-the-wheel training. Of course, back in the Bedrock days with Fred & Barney, when I got my license I had to sid through a coupld of driver's ed classes (remember blood on the highway) and a driver's test with a disgruntled ex-Marine drill sergeant.

Glad to be past the school supply list. Although, having one in college is a wee bit more expensive for supplies...

Judy said...

Cooler temps? What's that? I hear you on the oven strike in the summer. I do everything I can not to fire that baby up, which is why when it temporarily decided to take a nap last weekend, it wasn't a huge ordeal.

AAAAHHHH!!! I can't even comprehend high school yet!

brandy101 said...

Girl, that cornbread looks GOOD.

I totally spaced out on buying that pre-made kit of school supplies, so after vacation, I need to do a Walmart/target/office max or whatever run to get everything on her list.

Beej said...

I love cornbread...and refrigerators!

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Someday I need to try this intriguing American concoction known as corn bread... It looks tasty...